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    I play Pandora radio when I play WoW. I usually have the sound effects just high enough so I can hear myself attacking, but the main volume in-game is usually at 30%.

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    Turned it off a few months after I started back in TBC, and it has been permanently off after that. Can't stand all those obnoxious sounds, I'd rather listen to music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auloria View Post
    It sounds like happiness, the same way a smile looks like happiness. :-)
    Yep, my mom told me that one time. She said every laugh sounds different but feels the same. A smile is a laugh without a sound. I liked the way you put that. Brought back a really great memory.

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    Sound on for PVP, hearing stealth/heal/sheep/etc is vital.

    Sound off for PVE, no desire to hear another Brann Bronzebeard babblefest.

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    I generally play with sound....sometimes when leveling/questing or whatever I'll listen to music, but I concentrate better I think when I hear in-game sounds, even if it has nothing to do with me playing better directly such as warning sounds, it just helps me stay in-tuned with the ongoing encounter. I love music but I couldn't possibly raid while listening to music, and frankly find it annoying as hell when I hear other people's music blasting over vent (also probably doesn't help their taste in music generally sucks).

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    On, both sound and music. Always. Been that way since vanilla beta.

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    Sound on
    Music on for the first month of an expansion, then I use a "Warcraft Playlist" on the computer consisting of video game, movie, and anime scores (rarely anything with lyrics).

    MoP has actually held out 2 months now and I'm still playing with the music on, though I listened to the GW2 4 disc OST this past weekend while playing WoW. Is that blasphemous?

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    in raid, no sound.
    normally, sound yes, no music.
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    Sound effects on, but low volume and Music on, medium volume. Most of the time with people talking on Mumble the only thing I can hear in raids is the faint sound of sound effects and some boss dialog. When I'm playing by myself if I'm especially tired and want to get something done I will turn the music volume all the way up. Any outside noise that isn't the game or Mumble is too distracting to me. I'd end up rocking out to my music singing along and then miss everything important said. Probably not a good idea as a healer when I need to use external cd's on rotation or Battle Rez someone.
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    How would I listen to sweet wubs with game sound on?

    I have it set up so only DBM noises come through (and I edit down my DBM timers/notifications a lot). Vent also lowers the sound of everything else when someone is talking so I can keep my music at a reasonable volume while still being able to hear people.

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    I play with sound, but it's turned way down (too 11% or so) so that I can listen to my music or vent.
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    For 8 years I have played with game sounds and music.

    Why? Because it is so damn good.
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    I tend to have the music off and the sound at a level that it doesn't overpower any music I am listening to. I will also sometimes turn the sound off if I am not in the mood to listen to the game. It is very rare that I turn the in game music on though, which is a shame since there are some good arrangements for certain zones.

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    no sound, only boss quotes + addons. you can download the "setup" from wowinterface/curse. makes the raiding scene much cleaner.

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