Hey guys.

The Circle is a newly formed re-roll guild on Ravencrest EU. We are currently looking for more re-rollers. It doesn't matter if your experienced or inexperienced everybody is welcome.

The initial plan is to primarily be a reroll guild, mainly so that we can Instance / PvP / Level Up together with the decision on whether or not we will cap levels to progress through old content when we have a rough estimate of numbers. And if enough of those numbers actually want to cap. If not then we will just work our way up to 90 at a steady pace. Above all though we are looking to make the guild a social guild that has a tight knit community with plenty of people willing to help one another.

We've decided that the Realm will be Ravencrest as it has a strong Alliance population. It is a PvP realm though.

Any who. If you are interested in joining please post a comment on the forum post. Or contact one of us in game. Everyone can invite so a member should be able to throw an invite you way. If you have any questions feel free to ask on this post of add my battle.tag, Duzzo123#1179.