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    Is it me or is "it's a bug" Blizzard's answer for everything they overlooked lately?

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    Progression is a joke, US guild got 3/4 down before any EU guild even set foot inside. Funny who the US kids think they actually are the best guild now.

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    MoP is $38 on Amazon, not $20.

    What a Black Friday deal! $1 off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    MoP is $38 on Amazon, not $20.

    What a Black Friday deal! $1 off!
    It isn't Black Friday yet.

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    Theramore tabard is a bug now?

    Great that they're fixing it instead of fucking over Alliance players again, but weren't just a couple weeks ago they were defending it as a good decision because it meant the tabard was still obtainable and it connected the neutral Anglers faction to Theramore?

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    Paragon back at #1 on now - the two days lead they had over the US guilds on Will of the Emperor (after only 19 pulls!) is still counting - not to say that they won't get caught by the gap, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainArlong View Post
    MoP is $38 on Amazon, not $20.

    What a Black Friday deal! $1 off!
    Black Friday is on Friday not Wednesday...

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    Hey, i see commas in output damage text, its just on the PTR? I want commas too, how can i enable them? Addon maybe?
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    The fuck is it with blizzard and botting, they ban people for botting in a single player game now?

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    Edit: my original post incorrectly stated that Endless Spring was not open on LFR yet. It is actually available, but one must first complete the second half of Heart of Fear entitled Nightmare of Shek'zeer in order to unlock the endless spring in LFR.
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    "it won't be anytime soon"
    "it won't be anytime soon"
    "it won't be anytime soon"

    This is Sad...

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    Is there any chance of the Motes/Spirits of Harmony becoming BoA in the future?
    Perhaps in a future patch. We like the way they are playing for now

    Blizzard should save the old character models, when they conna add the new ones..

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    "We are concerned about how money will we still get from servers transfers" There, i fixed that for you.
    Nah. It's better business to have the game endure a long time because players like it than to make a quick buck.
    And still they do nothing.

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    I just put out those price tags today. I was surprised at how cheap it is.

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    It concerns me that:

    Is it possible to make tab-targeting target the closest enemy in front of you instead of every totem, pet, critter and tree?
    Gotten that request a lot lately. We'll look at it. Could also do a mod-tab or something.
    They don't seem to realise that there's an option to unkeybind "target nearest enemy" and re-keybind it to "target nearest enemy player" this stops you from tab targeting to totems, critters, pets...

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