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    Question Two sides to a book


    I have been playing alliance since i started WoW in BC. Im the kindof guy who has done all the quests (alliance side) and i read all the quest texts and enjoy taking my time doing quests and old reps etc.
    Now i have been thinking for quite some time that i would like to do all the horde side quests as well and start my first alt on horde side to experience all the horde lore.
    Question is what class/race would be the most "hordeish"?, It is probably orc, but shaman? warrior? lock?
    I play human ofc what would be the counterpart to it? orc? undead?

    tld; Most hordeish race/class to experience horde lore/quests?

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    Orc Warrior imo
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    Most hordish would definitely be orc warrior in my opinion, with orc shaman being a close second.

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    Lorewise orc warriors = enhancement shamans (when they lived in outland before the demonic taint) ? Or did or warriors in full plate exist when orcs still lived in outland?

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