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    Questions about Scroll of Ress (potential spectral mount if ur on gorgonash alliance)

    I've Read the FAQ on blizzard's website, but i'm still a bit hazy on the details, and they're not very clear on the specifics... and i cant post on the official(Blizzard's) forums, cos my account has been inactive for a year, and they don't let me post there unless i have an active Worldofwarcraft account.

    1) Lets say the person who sent me the scroll is someone from another realm/server. Does that mean my "free character transfer" can only be used to transfer my character to the SENDER'S realm? Like if hes from tharussian server and i'm from gorgonnash, can i use the "free character transfer" to transfer to Arthas server? Or am i limited to only going to tharussian?

    2) How long does the "free character transfer" last? Blizzard's FAQ states that the "free instant boost to lvl 80 on any character" promotion/function lasts as long as the duration of the scroll of ressurection (7 days), but what about the "free character transfer"? Can i save my character transfer for the future, and use it like in 3 months time or something? Or does it wear off in 7 days as well?

    3) Is asking for some gold from the sender of the scroll illegal/frowned upon? Cos when i quit a year ago, i gave all my gold to guildies and friends, so if i start back in, ill be literally peniless. This ISN'T some bidding scheme where i only accept the scroll from the highest bidder, im not looking for a gold-farming-huge-massive-profit. Just a small moderate amount to get started, (cos i heard theres a massive inflation in WoW now cos of gold sellers), after all im planning to reload my account for MOP using the top-up card (2 months paid upfront) so the scroll-sender literally gets the spectral mount INSTANTLY. Of course i plan on reloading my account anyway, regardless whether anyone is willing to give a small start-up-capital or not. Im just wondering if its.....you know...."socially acceptable"...idunno...

    *If number 3 is morally frowned upon/illegal, please disregard*

    -Gorgonnash Server, Alliance
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