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    Ret paladin looking for a good PVP Server to migrate to

    Im currently looking to transfere to another server for some good pvping. Currently in Darksorrow as a horde (most horrible server since its like 25% horde, last 25m guild just disbanded, and thats when i knew that i will have to leave this hellhole, unfortunatly that my friends are still on that server)

    Anyhow, im looking for a good pvp server with good economy aswell as good pvp and balanced (like 50/50 horde & alliance). Also am looking for a pve or a pvp guild (First guild i like, either pvp or pve is the one i will join.)
    I dont care if its alliance or Horde, i can play on both (prefer horde though cause it costs more)
    My character is a retri paladin called Ushío on darksorrow currently.

    More info about me personally:
    My name is Mohamed Fouad Eleisawy and im 19 years old, i live in sweden (have lived there my entire life)
    Im a guy that loves to joke around and i can have the most fucked up humor ever, but im also mature when it comes to serious stuff. I know when to joke around and when to be serious and mature. I love anime, manga and music more then anything and im currently studying music and i will probably be able to release my own music by the end of august next year. I also love making videos and such on youtube to help people to improve etc. (Im going to start studying to become a teacher next year on august)
    I will shortly release a guide on Retri paladin on my current youtube channel Rukvids (havnt made anything since wotlk cause i quit in cata)

    My history: I have played since tbc (a little on vanilla but not serious) and was really good in pvp but my account got hacked 1-2 months into wotlk. In wotlk i was gm of one of the top guilds in our realm (i was 13 years old which shows how mature i have been since a young age) when i was tanking as prot paladin (i was one of the tanks with the highest stamina and avoidance) even though we where doing good in naxx we decided to disband cause some wanted to migrate with friends on other servers and join other guilds.

    After that guild i applied to a guild called Almost Imba which was one of the top 10 in our realm (darksorrow wasnt that dead durring that time) in naxx and totc (i had a short break during ulduar because i didnt like the content and i was on a long 2 month vacation in Egypt).

    Just before the end of the TOTC content i left almost imba (it was starting to fall apart and i dont remember what exactly happen since it was a long time ago) and joined Fallen From Grace where we played TOTC and ICC at high level. The first time we killed anubis in TOTC was awesome. It was when he was down at 1% and everyone died but i bubbled and soloed him the last couple of HP he had left (my bubble had 1 sec left when he died) which made me feel like a god! :P
    I was their top dps (among the top3) and i was one of their best healers at the same time which sometimes resulted in healing more then dpsing sometimes :P
    At the end (2-3 month before cata) i left fallen from grace mostly because it was beginning to become nonserious and because i had a dissagreement with one of the officers there. The reason for the dissagreement was because i wasnt allowed to state my opinion and any guild that rippes me from the right of stating my opinion is a guild i will not take part in. (Dont missunderstand and think that i was a troublemaker, it was just that everysingle time i postet a opinion the officer was on my throat and tried to shut me up)

    Muffin Militia, the last guild i have been in has been the guild with the most fun ive had since i started wow (the fun i had when i ran naxx was almost as good though)
    In muffin i was retribution all the way untill cata came along (i didnt like the new system of the retribution) and then decided to go for ENH shaman where i raided for the first couple of raids and left just before Fireland release by 3-4 weeks.
    Durring that time i was one of the top dpsers aswell as ranked among the top 40-60 (dont remember) in the worldlog website (dont remember the entire name) aswell as the "Shaman interrupter" where i was on most of the interrupter duties, like on Halfus in bastion twilight where i solointeruppted him. Durring that time i also healed when needed with a decent result (it wasnt as good as when i was paladin but i did manage to do good)

    I then came back to world of warcraft and started to raid with muffin militia again for about a month before the guild fell victim to the damn Darksorrow server curse(it died and disbanded...)

    Durring my break from wow (about 2 years) i was playing starcraft 2 and being the community manager of the European side of z33k.com (a tournament platform that organizes tournaments and such)

    Thats most of my guild histories, sorry for the long post! I hope that you guys are interrested! If there is any other questions please feel free to add me on skype: ScVerax or add my bnet tagg: Verax#1116

    (Will try and fix my badgrammer and my bad spelling when i get the time!)

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    I just updated the post with more info about myself!
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    Im still looking for more offers

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    Tichondrius for US and Stormscale for EU are best pvp servers afaik.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strah View Post
    Tichondrius for US and Stormscale for EU are best pvp servers afaik.
    Except that Stormscale is like 90-95% horde and alliance is dead. Stormscale horde is one of the best realms EU, yes, but too imbalanced for my taste.

    I recently transferred to Ragnaros horde, EU. From what I've seen, it looks like a really good server. It's high pop (had some queues during launch days of mop but not as bad as say Outland, gone now). The balance is around 50/50 with pvp and pve guilds on either side. There are a few good pvp guilds on horde side called MONSTERS and Decked Out, the first having a 2k+ requirement and the latter a 2,2k+ requirement. There are also a few good pve guilds. Ragnaros is ranked 29 on wowprogress as well.

    The activity seems fine, there are a lot of people in Orgrimmar and Shrine, as well as multiple horde and alliance fighting about. Yesterday after the server resets we had two horde groups and one alliance group fighting to kill Sha first, with full groups going for a kill every respawn throughout the night pretty much.

    I've only been here a week or so, but coming from a medium pop server (Saurfang), Ragnaros seems like a really nice place. Horde has a bunch of Swedes (Swede myself), Norwegians and Hungarians. Alliance is mostly hungarian.

    Overall I'm really happy about transferring to Ragnaros, I haven't really seen anything bad about the server so far, except for a period of lag in-game (from when I logged on for like 30 minutes). Nothing major at all. Was just more of an annoyance but quickly disappeared thankfully. If you want a balanced, high-pop realm with solid alliance and horde guilds then I definitely suggest Ragnaros.

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    Yeah ragnaros seems really tempting! Thanks alot for the suggestion!

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    Ragnaros EU is not a good server. The PvP on it is seriously lacking, and the PVE raiding guilds aren't even any good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxeneta View Post
    Ragnaros EU is not a good server. The PvP on it is seriously lacking, and the PVE raiding guilds aren't even any good.
    How come ?

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    I'd like to know how you aged 6 years in 4 years. Since WotlK came out 13.11.2008 and it's been 4 years now. And you stated you were 13 back then and now you're 19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikko View Post
    I'd like to know how you aged 6 years in 4 years. Since WotlK came out 13.11.2008 and it's been 4 years now. And you stated you were 13 back then and now you're 19.
    Im actually not 19 yet but will be soon so i figured who cares. But i might have been 14 yo during that time, not sure.

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