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    tusui need help with 1 or 2 addons

    hey guys i downloaded this ui. and tweaked it a bit. since i'm running 1680x1050 instead of the new 1920x1080. so i used the fronts of tusui 4.2. and the addons of 5.0.5.

    everyting seems to be working. but 1 or 2 addons are messing it up.

    problem 1: the extra info next to me char. with the amount of exp i got/need. my backspace and that extra info. and i can't get it away.

    problem 2: the HUGE clock i have under my map. its way to big.

    i made a ss to help it out. http://postimage.org/image/60emreat9/full/

    hope you guys can help me out.

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    the datatext is SLDT you can do /SLDT Config to make it moveable or hide it, Clock would be the same I believe not sure tho. Hope this helps out just a tiny bit

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    thx man and the clock was also part of sldt indeed. change the size and all was good:P
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