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    [A] Fashionably Late @ Grim Batol 10-man Late Night raiding guild 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF

    About us:
    "Fashionably late" is late night 10 man raiding guild with 6/6 normal MSV and 2/6 normal HoF. The guild was formed more then 3 years ago and so far we have always had a stable raiding core and quite friendly guild atmosphere, which we very much value. We like to maintain this stable raiding core as best we can, and don't wish any guild hoppers. Enjoying the raid is more important than progress to us so we have a laidback attitude towards raiding, and progress in our own pace. For distributing items we use DKP system.

    Raid times:
    Wednesday: 23:00-02:00
    Thursday: 23:00-02:00
    Sunday: 23:00-02:00

    Monk/druid healer with tank offspec (and willing to use it when needed).

    No prior raiding experience is required, but it is highly valued. You need a good understanding of your class and raid awareness, with decent knowledge of English (e.g. understanding RL on vent, not neccesarily required to speak), preferably 18+ and nice manners. We do NOT allow any yelling, hostile "trolling" or any kind of insulting so our raiding atmosphere can stay friendly and fun.

    If you are interested you can talk to: Cybx (cybs#2430), Kàkemonster (Ulvhedner#2519 // Skype - svipdagr) or to Dwyn online. In case no one is online, you can send us an in game mail and we'll contact you back!

    Thank you for reading!

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