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    In search of a buff-tracking addon.

    I'm partly quite bad with addons, so that's initially why I come here before I try to download some myself. Also, the ones I've tried have had this flaw that they didn't show anything when the buff wasn't up. Sure, you get a cute, counting down icon when the buff was up, but nothing visible when it isn't up where a warning is needed the most. So, here I'll give some criteria of what the addon needs to be able to do:

    Show itself when the buff isn't up and will warn you in combat.
    Show itself when the buff is up alongside of a timer counting down the duration.
    Should be able to show debuffs on my target as well so that I can easily track them.

    Anyone that knows? Any tip is appreciated! Thanks!
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    You're saying buffs and debuffs quite generally here and it sounds like you're asking for no filtering, in which case no, there are no addons like that. What exactly are you looking for - buffs/debuffs that you apply, buff/debuffs that the raid can apply, only the essential buffs/debuffs you/raid can apply?

    As for buff monitoring you can use addons such as RaidBuffStatus or BuffWatcher. For debuff monitoring I suggest setting up your own displays with WeakAuras, Power Auras, TellMeWhen, NeedToKnow or any other addon that lets you filter/set up your own debuff display.

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    Power Auras is awesome for debuff/proc monitoring

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