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    [A] Almost Ferocious-Antonidas(US) Wants You For Night Time Raiding! 16/16, 3/6 HM

    Almost Ferocious (Alliance-Antonidas) is a competitive raiding guild on Antonidas and is currently looking for a few quality players to round out our core raid team for continued progression raiding in MoP!! We are willing to pay for server transfer/faction change after you are through the application process and we have a chance to visit with you on vent/mumble. We have openings for:

    DPS (preferred lock, but any high-caliber dps will be considered)
    Healer (resto druid or shaman preferred, though not required)

    We are a guild made up of mostly older raiders who like to kill things when we get home from work. Since most of our players have families, day jobs, and other commitments, we try to keep a tight raid schedule and are looking for players interested in maximizing progression in a relatively small amount of time.

    Enjoy a mature raiding atmosphere, solid cohesive leadership, quality progression raiding, a very active guild, and a fun group of people!

    Nuts and Bolts:

    *We raid T/W/Sun from 9:00pm-12:00ish am (all times pst)
    *Offnights are alt raids, pvp, scenarios, and challenge modes.
    *Small raid team; we only recruit raiders, not bench players hoping to get in.

    Quality applicants will:

    *Have heroic DS experience (clear preferred)
    *Vanilla, BC and/or WotLK raid experience preferred....everything was better in BC, amirite?
    *Fill out an application at af.guildlaunch.com explaining a bit about yourself and why you are qualified
    *Attend a short on-vent interview, to make sure you mesh with us and everything checks out, as well as to allow you to talk to us and ask any questions you may have.

    JV slots are also available for players without raid experience that don't suck, looking to earn a spot and raid Pandaland!

    APPLY AT: af.guildlaunch.com

    Direct questions to: Pandamela, Omoh, or Daspia on Antonidas Alliance side, or ask a guildie, we could be hiding on alts!
    Or, respond to Kibblnscrits via battle tag: Legion#1225
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