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    Monk questing question

    So I just took my monk from brew and wind to brew and mist, and now i got up today to do dailies and realized it takes a whole lot longer now. With brewmaster and mistweaver as my specs what is the most optimal for the truck loads of dailies? And if its mistweaver hell even if its not how do i dps as mistweaver it seems very unique?

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    No idea about the Mistweaver part, I've never specced it and never intend to.

    That said, I'd imagine Brewmaster would be the better option out of the two. Brewmasters are one of the higher DPS tanks out there at the moment, so doing dailies in tank spec works just fine. You can also group up mobs and AoE them down pretty easily, using leg sweep as a stun when necessary.

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    MW have all of the same basic attacks (jab, BoK, the tiger palm, SCK). Fistweaving uses a combination of those attacks (i.e. jab to generate chi, BoK and tiger palm to spend it), SCK when mobs are grouped up. It's doable, will take you longer to kill things, but you probably never have to worry about dying because of eminence heals from your attacks. Just drop your statue near the area and pick up mobs around it.

    If I were recommending a spec to do dailies in, it would be Brewmaster though.
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    I haven't even picked up an off spec I shank my way through daily's just fine as BrM. AoE damage is insane and your basically unkillable by anything out in the world (including the named elites) + eventually ToD proc's the second you target something cause of your HP pool. Little jerk farm rodents explode instantly soon as I spawn them.

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    MW single-target questing dps is awful. That said, I've found Fatty Goatsteak to be far simpler to do as MW, because your AOE damage isn't that different and it helps to be invincible.

    Er, I'm comparing MW to WW, as those are my two specs. Not too sure about BM, but I'd expect BM to be superior for most questing purposes.

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