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    Everyone that kills sha the first time get a free epic. People seem to forget that. Contacting a gm won't increase your chances of winning a roll either. Expect a generic response if you did write a ticket. Better luck next time.

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    I've got 15 rolls(including charms) and the only thing I got was gloves I couldn't even use. (I'm disc, they were shadow, and I've already got the crafted ones.)
    Not a fan of the new LFR system.
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    Want to see how cruel the RNG task master is:

    Went from Heroic blue leggings to LFR Tier to Sha Tier in the space of under an hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapM View Post
    You also have to consider that people who tell you they got 12 epix on 4 bosses are probably just full of shit.
    Yeah and no one actually said that, so...

    But LFR RNG has favored me

    1 x Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion
    1 x Starshatterer
    1 x Scimitar of Seven Stars
    3 x Breastplate of the King's Guard
    2 x Garalons Graven Carapace
    1 x Tier chest
    1 x Tier legs
    1 x Necklace of Congealed Weakness
    2 x Soulgrasp Choker
    1 x Cloak of Peacock Feathers
    1 x Bonded Soul Bracers
    1 x Waistplate of Overwhelming Assault
    1 x Jasper Clawfeet
    2 x Lei Shin's Final Orders

    That's 19 items from 55 bosses, not sure exactly how many coins I've used but probably around 15 in 5 weeks.

    Noting from Sha of Fear yet though.

    Most likely you can see it at my profile if you don't believe it ->
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    Quote Originally Posted by Numbnut View Post
    Anyone else have a streak this bad?
    You must be joking. I never raided on my paladin, but I did do many many heroics in Cataclysm. Yet at the end of the expansion I still had an iLevel 333 shield, because that was the only shield that dropped for me an entire expansion. The rest of my gear ended up 397 valor items and 378 dungeon gear, go figure.

    (And yes I know there is a craftable shield that is better, but I never spend gold on gearing alts)

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    Gotten 2 items from all my rolls so far. HC tank boots from Gara'jal and the trinket from Elegon
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    No luck with sha/Galleon here aswell...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightamethyst View Post
    I still think there should be a 5-10% drop chance increase for every time you don't win an item (resetting when you do.) That way you're guaranteed to win something eventually and RNG can't theoretically screw you over forever.
    This is actually a VERY good idea. You should submit this suggestion in game through the Suggestion tab so Blizzard is made aware of it.

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