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  • Yes, I only play MMOs. I do not play other games outside of the genre.

    16 12.21%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs. I like having a lot of other games to play.

    69 52.67%
  • No, I don't only play MMOs, but I only play a few other games.

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    People who only play MMOs.

    So I was surprised to learn recently that there are a good number of people who only play MMOs as their games of choice. I found that to be really interesting and strange, because it never occurred to me that there were people who only played one game. I mean, thinking about it I guess it kind of makes sense because you can put so much time into an MMO that maybe you wouldn't need any other games to play, but I just can't imagine only playing one game. I love the variety of having a ton of different games to choose from! That's probably why I go insane every time Steam has a sale. :P

    Anyway, I'm curious to see if there are many people on this forum who exclusively play MMOs here. If so, how come? Do you just not like other games as much as your MMO of choice or do you not feel the need to play other games since you spend so much time on your MMO? I'm curious to see what the thought process behind that is!

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    Meh, I only play WoW as an MMO, and it's also the only PC I actively play. On consoles I play TONS of other games. I can't imagine only playing MMOs, it's far from the best genre out there in my opinion.

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    I play other games but I still play WoW and at minimum do a normal raid twice a week. I'm not a hardcore MMOer and never will be.

    I have a SWTOR account but that was just so I could unlock more characters and mess around with it for a while. I don't know if I'll be keeping it active for long.
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    I had quite a diverse range of gaming interests, once upon a time... then WoW killed most of it and absorbed 90% of my gaming attention. >.<

    It's just the nature of the beast I suppose, or at least the effect it had on me. It tends to demand more time and investment to get anywhere.

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    Not MMO but RPG. A game has to be extremely good if i'm gonna enjoy a non-rpg.
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    Pretty much only MMO's now. Last game I bought was Civ 4. However, I do play multiple MMO's (Wow, ToR, GW2 and Lotro currently - with occasional bouts of Vanguard thrown in)

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    I play more MMOs than anyone I know but there's still no way in hell I would limit myself to just MMOs.

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    I like having a variety of games to choose from. This week I've been playing TES: Skyrim. Last week I was playing GW2. Who knows what I'll be playing later on. Maybe something as simple as Minesweeper.

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    I've always focused on a select few games, only one or two at a time. When WoW came along it occupied that position.

    I'm actually playing three games at the moment - WoW, Tribes Ascend and Minecraft (with the Technic Pack) - which is quite unusual for me. They're all entertaining in different ways. Third option in the poll describes me completely.

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    WoW, civilization, starcraft, halo, fallout, final fantasy (pretty much the entire series), metroid and quite a few others, but i will say WoW takes up the bulk of my play time.

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    I have tried a few single player games and longest I've lasted was about two hours. It is simply boring to me to play without other people or at least seeing real people around me, even we don't interact. So I only play mmos

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    Uuuuh, I see both sides. For me, I could be considered an "MMO-only" player to an extent. What it comes down to for me is like, when does the new CoD or Halo come out, and I'll play that on the side for a couple months or so. I'll also play League of Legends from time to time. But ultimately 95-99% of my gaming time is spent in MMO's. For 5 years it was WoW, and only up until recently (about 3 weeks or so) ago did I finally quit WoW and move on to GW2. As much as my fingers desire to talk about why I switched MMO's, that's for another thread entirely. But yeah, what it always boiled down to with me, when I was a hardcore, dedicated WoW player, was that there was always something I could be doing in WoW. Playing other games felt like I was wasting my game time. Kind of crazy to think that way I know, but MMO's just really grab a hold of me. I think for me it's a personal connection with my characters and my progression in the games. I like to dally in some of the other big names from different genres from time to time, but MMO's always have my primary focus.

    I find myself turned off by the idea of learning new controls all the time, and figuring out new systems. I prefer to spend my time perfecting my gameplay in something that I know I'll be playing for a long time. Also, I have found myself playing no single-player games for like at least the passed 2-4 years. If it can't connect to the internet for multiplayer, I haven't been playing it. I just think that the idea of communicating with others is so appealing. Don't get me wrong, if I go out and get the latest CoD or Halo or what have you, I'll finish the campaign, but ultimately I play it for the online portion. I like being able to share my experiences with other people. And on a final note, I find the "finality" of single player games to be deterring. If I know it's going to end, even when I might not expect it to, or want it to end, then I don't like that idea. I'd rather invest time into something I know I can come back to or continue whenever I want for any reason. I was never the "gotta finish the game" kind of guy, I was always the "I want to get better at this game." Even with Pokemon back in the day, I found myself beating the Elite 4 or Ash or whoever was the final boss, and then still playing long after, perfecting my roster and collecting Pokemon, instead of starting over or moving on.

    So those would be the reasons that people such as I stick to one game. At least as far as I'm concerned. Hope that alleviates some confusion for the OP.
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    If you take those 15 Minutes a year, where I play a game on my mobile or the 2 times a year, where you play a console-party-game with friends out of it, I also play only one MMO.
    I dont like playing alone, I am too old for shooters nowadays, I am to impatient for strategie-games and am most of the times way to fast bored of other games.
    I started playing MMO 1999 and did so until now with several game changes as well as long breaks. All but one were MMORPG. Currently my WoW account is active but only logged in 1 time per week or so to chat alittle. Currently looking back into Everquest (1) and having extrem fun there currently.

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    I kinda moved from mmorpg to arpg games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I had quite a diverse range of gaming interests, once upon a time... then WoW killed most of it and absorbed 90% of my gaming attention. >.<

    It's just the nature of the beast I suppose, or at least the effect it had on me. It tends to demand more time and investment to get anywhere.
    Just like me.

    I sometimes leave WoW to play other games... But only major titles, and even so very rarely.

    I think it is natural with MMOs... If you decide to put effort in the game, like I usually do to any other games before where i don't stop until I get 100% done, there simply is no time for other games.

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    I don't really play MMOs anymore, but when I did, I rarely played other games. Maybe I just have poor time management skills, but I found it difficult to get a good balance between playing wow and playing other games. I stopped playing wow about halfway through Firelands, and since then I've gone back to playing a huge variety of games.

    I totally understand why someone would play 1 MMO as their only game. If you want to get/do everything in an MMO, it takes an insane investment of time. It's like a full time job. And this doesn't just apply to wow. I used to play a game called Dungeons and Dragons Online. They have this system called True Reincarnation. When you reach max level, if you grind out these epic token things, (think valor points from wow) you can use them to buy an item that lets you True Reincarnate. A True Reincarnation sets your character level back to 1, and you reselect your race and class. For each time you do this you get enhanced stats, but it takes longer to level up. You can do this 3 times per class, and there are 12 classes in the game. If you True Reincarnate all 36 times you get a special feat called Completionist that gives you even more stat buffs.

    I would never be crazy enough to actually do that, but I do think it'd be pretty cool to mess around with a 36th True Reincarnated character, just to see how faceroll it is. If someone was gonna try something like that though they pretty much wouldn't be able to play any other game.
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    There are so many different types of game I really enjoy, so many visual styles, so many varied experiences, there is just no way one game, or even one genre, could ever satisfy my gaming needs. Not to mention it's always good to have variety and broaden your horizons, as you never know when you may get tired of something, or stumble across something you enjoy more but never realised it.

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    I play most genres actually, and I play 2-3 games other than WoW at any given time. I try to keep it varied.
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    My gaming is pretty much just wow. I've tried other mmos but imo they are just shit when compared.

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    I will gladly, and proudly say I was sunk into wow until around 2010. During 05-2010 I dont think I knew about any games coming out, or even tough about other games. I was completely sunk into wow, witch I still wish I was, Id pay money to ever get that kind of gaming again...good money *SHAKES WALLET AT BLIZZARD*.

    Now days, on my 2nd break from wow apart from 5 months(ish) inn 4.3, I have already gotten 1 game, torchlight 2! I know 1 game...but hey, thats big for me, since I dont own more than like 15 games in total, and Im a huuge game nerd. In 2011 Ive only gotten Rift, AOE2 in a shaddy cracked way cause the discks were gone (else I N.E.V.E.R pirate), diablo3, pokemon white 2 and now Torchlight2. I wouldent call getting MOP as a game, cause the way it turned me away from wow, atleast for now is abit sour fealing, still hoping Ill sub soon trough.
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