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    Best area to mob tag to 90

    title says it all, i've heard of a few places to do it but i'm just looking the best possible area so I was looking for some advice.

    Kinda hestitant on asking this on these forums from past experience with moderators and such, but seeing how this type of leveling was 'okay'd' by blizzard and used by a hefty chunk of top tier guilds/world first cap competitors I figured i'd be alright.

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    What does this 'mob tagging' entail, then? Getting a tag and letting NPCs kill it for 100% exp? Does that work?

    I'd say the perpetual Yaungol / Mantid fight in Townlong would be a valid option. Or the Yaungol / Pandaren battles in front of the Binan village in Kun-Lai.
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    Kinda, but instead of NPCs killing them ill be having 2-3 90 friends killing them (while im not in a party with them) this is how most of the people who reached 90 in a matter of hours did it.

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    A certain Dread Wastes mob is all I will say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanadoz View Post
    A certain Dread Wastes mob is all I will say.
    If you mean that crab, I'm pretty sure he got nerfed like, on day one.
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    The place in Townlong Steppes where that druid got 90 in a few hours? Not sure if it's still possible though.


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    When the Sha of Anger is spawned near the Shado-Pan Fallback, he spawns loads of elite little mobs around him with 800k hp each, which grant about 50k experience on kill. There's about 30 of them and if you do 3 pulls of 10, the first pull will respawn by the time you kill the last one. Works best with 2-3 level 90 characters pulling the mobs and waiting for you to tag them before killing them.

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    I'll try a few places, did a little research and narrowed it down to a few. Thanks for the help folks.

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