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    Shocking motivation

    Hey guys, I just had a huge motivational image in my head, atleast it was for me, I'm not sure how you'll take it but just try to think about it for a second. I was thinking about my life, what was I doing, the future etc and had a shocking image in my head. You know that feeling of everything-went-by-so-fast when you really look forward to something and then it flys by and you're stuck with the feeling, feeling disappointed. Well i imagined myself as an old man at my father's funeral with a bunch of people giving me their condolescence, and I'm having that feeling, of how life went by and like I wasted it. Well anyway it really shook me and I had to share this with someone, I hope I can hang to to this feeling tomorrow when I wake up.

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    We all want to accomplish something with our lives, and not let them just slip right past us. If you hold onto the feeling of not wanting life to just slip by then you can easily go far. No matter who you are if you wish for something to happen, on most cases it will.

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    I get the same feeling about becoming a voice actor, when I watch VO panels, etc. I went on vacation to LA last year, that was what really did it for me, was really inspiring. Its kinda like a drug IMO, when you get really motivated for w/e reason.
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