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    There are three races:

    World First
    World First 10m
    World First 25m

    The vast majority of threads are being discussed on the basis of the first race.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aloodanis View Post
    Damn casuals and their vending machines. Back in my day, We had to go all the way from Orgrimmar to Desolace to pick up chips from the store. we had to do an extensive attunement quest to get into the store and we had to assemble 39 other people to fight the many other trash mobs, i mean trash food, to get to the chip isle. Oh and most of us couldn't even afford our epic car mount to drive there, we had to settle for our 60% bike mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidenorna View Post
    How long was this true for shaman?Not just any spec but the class as a whole?
    Who cares about shamans? I'm rooting for Method because they use resto druids. All this hate towards fellow trees is completely unjustified and I will only recognize world first with a resto druid in the setup, which seems to be the ULTIMATE HARDMODE, not your average easymodes with disc priests, monks and paladins...
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    We have a thread on this exact same page talking about the firsts of the current raid. Please stick to it instead of making more topics.

    PS. using a guilds name always invites harsh words.

    PPS. Dear all that is holy, the amount of stuff I had to do to clear up this thread also. Lads seriously, it's becoming a pain, STOP with your 25v10 nonsense. This is getting really old and some of you are clearly not learning. You see infractions and bans handed out by the mods often enough knowing damn well why they are infracted/banned yet you still think it's OKAY to post rubbish. Please, grow up.
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