View Poll Results: Most bad-ass boss in WoW

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  • Algalon

    33 23.91%
  • Lich King

    38 27.54%
  • Deathwing

    1 0.72%
  • Cho'Gall

    1 0.72%
  • Yogg Saron

    28 20.29%
  • C'thun

    11 7.97%
  • Sha of Fear

    1 0.72%
  • Empress Shek'zeer

    0 0%
  • Nefarian (Vanilla or Cata)

    1 0.72%
  • Ragnaros

    10 7.25%
  • Kil'jaeden/Kael'thas' Master plan

    5 3.62%
  • Illidan/Vashj

    8 5.80%
  • Open Choice 1 (Taking Suggestions)

    0 0%
  • Open Choice 2 (Taking Suggestions)

    1 0.72%
  • Open Choice 3 (Taking Suggestions)

    0 0%
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  1. #21
    i don't usually follow the lore that closely. but i always liked LK.

    and i agree, Deathwing was just not intimidating at all.

  2. #22
    This thread already exists various times, please try searching next time.

  3. #23
    C'thun and Yogg-Saron.

  4. #24
    The Old Gods are the most disturbing for me because they're beings of pure evil. They don't have any rationale behind what they're trying to do, they just want to murder everyone and everything. Lich King was pretty terrifying due to his past, but bosses like Kil'Jaeden and Deathwing I just have no real excitement when killing them. Oh, they want to kill us just like everyone else on this planet? Meh.

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    Yogg-Saron definately creeps me out, and his voice and speech are my favourites in game. "I am the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares.." -beginning with Sara, best of them all, hands down!

    Lich King had the best lore and most epic fight, but still Yoggsie is my number one.

  6. #26

    Or, go 2min 45 seconds in the embeded:

    I am the lucid dream,
    The monster in your nightmares,
    The fiend of a thousand faces,
    Cower before my true form,
    Bow down before the God of death!
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