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    So my guild got Tsulong (25m) last night, but we're not entirely sure what happened.

    Let me start first with how our attempts went: A number of times we pushed him all the way to enrage (the start of the 3rd night phase) and wiped at 4-5%. Our DPS was generally pushing him to 58/59% by the end of the first night phase, our healers would heal him approximately 15-20% in the first day phase, and we'd nuke him from 40%-ish to 15% in the second night phase.

    My first question is whether those numbers seem correct to you guys. Here are our logs from last night:

    The ones where we pushed him to 5% before we died to enrage were attempts 7 and 8. For those attempts, it seemed like a really tight fight for us and we even had to have our druid and shammy DPS help with healing in day phases.

    And then, on our kill attempt, we pushed him to 59% at the end of the first night phase... our healers seemed to be pushing their usual HPS... and somehow we entered the 2nd night phase with him at 19% HP O_o Needless to say it was a total faceroll kill from there and we finished the fight in about 5 mins 30 seconds (attempt no. 10 as it seems WoL doesn't record the kill). This brings me to my 2nd question - has anyone had this happen to them as well? Is there some mechanic that we're unaware of (with Unstable Shas and other adds)? It's as though 20% of the fight was just... removed from the fight for our kill attempt. We went over the logs last night but ended up just scratching our heads and wondering what happened exactly.

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    one of your dk's prob put unholy frenzy on the boss just b4 he went into the night phase
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulyouth View Post
    one of your dk's prob put unholy frenzy on the boss just b4 he went into the night phase
    The only UF casts in that log are on the DK himself.

    The most suspicious thing I can find is Rallying Cry falling off shortly after he started 2nd night:
    [23:03:44.519] Tsulong afflicted by Reckoning from Sazame
    [23:03:44.580] Zhatya Rejuvenation Tsulong +86222
    [23:03:44.623] Grenvall Lifebloom Tsulong +6880
    [23:03:44.625] Novastorm Echo of Light Tsulong +1748
    [23:03:44.832] Kapz's Rallying Cry fades from Tsulong

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    Rallying Cry, maybe? I wouldn't be surprised if hostile/friendly swaps have some weird interractions with certain buffs and debuffs.

    E: Damn I'm slow posting that. But yeah, what above post says. Also, it's worth nothing that +10% AP buffs stay on him after he turns hostile. Not sure if it actually boosts his abilities, but if it does, it could hurt on heroic. Maybe.

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    Pretty late post, but do any of you experience him completing the encounter at various HP level ?
    - (25N) first week the encounter finished at 10% remaining health (enrage)
    - (LFR) second week our lfr kill the encounter completed at 8%
    - (25N) same second week, he wiped us on enrage at 6%, at 4%, but then we "killed" it with about 5% remaining

    So ... it this normal ? If so, why the inconsistencies ? Any of you have any info regarding this ?

    We were kind of unsatisfied yesterday when experiencing this, as other 3 bosses are very easy to us compared to him

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    Rallying Cry - "Temporarily grants you and all party or raid members within 30 yards 20% of maximum health for 10 sec. After the effect expires, the health is lost."

    Your guildy cast rallying cry during the day phase and it faded after night fell.

    Ancestral Spirit passive from Shamans is worth mentioning. DK Unholy Frenzy sounds like some sock-rockery though lol

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