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    Hurray, Hope of peace in Colombia!

    Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Colombia's top rebel group, FARC, announced Monday it will temporarily halt its decades-old battle against government forces starting at midnight as a goodwill gesture amid peace talks with the Colombia government.
    FARC commander Ivan Marquez announced the unilateral cease-fire and called on the the Colombian government to do the same as he arrived for peace talks at Cuba's Convention Palace in Havana Monday.
    "Heeding the overwhelming demand for peace from diverse sectors of the country, the FARC secretariat orders guerrilla units across the country to cease military operations and acts of sabotage," Marquez said
    The rebel cease-fire is scheduled to start Monday night and last until January 20, the rebel group said. It's unlikely the Colombian government will take part in the two-month truce: Bogota has said previously that it will not consider a cease-fire until after a final agreement is reached.
    Colombia hostages released Colombia's president on FARC
    FARC had signaled that it would pursue a cease-fire, even before peace talks, now being held in Havana, began in mid-October in Norway. Critics of the move believe it's just an attempt by the rebel group to rebuild its forces.

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    Good, hopefully it will be over soon. And when it does, do the entire Netherlands a favour and make Tanja Nijmeijer "dissapear", she's giving us a bad name.

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    That's fantastic news. My whole step family is Colombian, who had to flee to the US because of kidnapping and death threats. I'd like to go there someday, and relative peace and security sure would make it easier.
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    How nice. My aunt is Colombian. I'm not sure how that's relevant, but she is.

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    Every step towards peace is good. A decades long battle? Every war should have an end.

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    I can't remember, is FARC the so called armed militia or the drug dealers? No matter which they are, you'll still have the other to take care of. And without these two fighting eachother, the remaining one will fight the gouvernment fully.

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