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    Lightbulb [A] Stormrage; Adrenaline, 6/6 1/6 0/4

    Adrenaline is an Alliance 10 - Man Raiding Guild on EU Stormrage. We achieved 6/7 HC modes in Firelands and 6/8 HC in Dragon Soul (before the 25% Power of the Aspects debuff), after this we had some serious changes to our roster, including the passing of Guild Leader from Jaydin (Huggibare) to Nikolai due to Real Life(tm) commitments.

    Adrenaline originally started off as a 25 man raiding guild, but due to recruitment issues we felt that moving to a more refined 10 man structure with our tight knit group of members would benefit the guild. We aim to keep our progress consistant without turning ourselves into a hardcore raiding guild. We like to enjoy ourselves and have a laugh. Afterall we are playing a game; it is meant to be enjoyed not stressed over. We do however, expect our raid members to put forth every effort while raiding and maintain full focus during an encounter.

    Raiding takes place on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 until 23:00 server time we do leave open the option of extending an additional 30 minutes on raid nights if we feel we are close to a kill or to get some extra practice. This is always put to a vote and members are asked if they are able to stay beyond normal raiding times; there is no pressure on anybody, we play the game for fun.

    For Mists we are looking for a few key roles to help bolster our numbers. We like to give our members the chance to take care of Real Life and not have to worry about missing a raid.

    Currently recruiting:

    x1 Mage
    x1 Boomkin and/or Elemental Shaman
    x1 Holy Paladin
    x1 Frost/Unholy Death Knight
    and possibly x1 Blood DK or Guardian Druid (though application would have to be outstanding).

    A note on start of expansion expectations:
    ~When applying for a raiding spot with Adrenaline, please take the time to enchant and gem your gear appropriately.
    ~As we're at the start of the expansion we're not looking for full epics but a good show of effort (on par with current raid members) is at least expected.
    ~Please also make sure you've read up on all the changes to your class and have an appropriate spec and glyphs.
    ~Experience is desirable, willingness to learn and improve is mandatory.
    ~You should know how to function within a raiding environment; getting killed by standing in the fire is unacceptable.
    ~A good sense of humour and positive attitude is also preferred.
    ~You should also be aware that our Raid Leader (Nikolai) is a Brit, his slang has boggled many minds so a decent understanding of the English language is essential.

    Expectations throughout the patches:
    ~Put forth effort in and out of raids. Adrenaline is a very sociable guild, the core of which plays a multitude of games together, you are invited to participate in any and all activities and encouraged to do so. Please note you will not be kicked if you choose not to enjoy other games with members of Adrenaline, it's encouraged as it enables us to get to know you better and for real friendships to develop.
    ~You should sign up for raids via the forum's Events tab. Full details on how to navigate the forum will be provided to you on acceptance of Trialship; ANY of our members will be glad to help you, should you have a problem.
    ~NO DRAMA. We play this game (and others) to enjoy each others company, we do not appreciate nor tolerate any drama. If you have a problem with any of the guild systems or another guild member, you should talk directly to Nikolai at an appropriate time; 5 minutes before a raid is not appropriate, during a raid is not appropriate.
    ~Continuous participation and activity on the forum is heavily encouraged.
    ~By applying to Adrenaline you agree to the systems that the guild uses; EPGP, sit-out rotations etc. This will be explained to you by Nikolai upon offer of Trialship, these are the systems/methods we use, ultimately if you're not happy with them then perhaps Adrenaline is not the guild for you.
    ~As mentioned above, we know Real Life can cause unforseen problems and this is why we intend to recruit a little beyond a "Skeleton Crew". We ask that raid attendance be a minimum of 2 out of 3 raids (unless holidays or other pre-discussed situations arise). If you fail to maintain a 60% attendance (not including absences of illness, family situations, holidays etc) over the course of 15 planned raids* then we will need to discuss a change of rank, perhaps offering a Back-Up Raider position instead.
    ~We use Ventrillo (kindly provided by one of our members) to which all raiders are expected to make use of during raid time; you should be online and ready to rock 10-15 minutes _before_ raid time. Outside of raiding; we aim to providing a gaming community for everybody to enjoy, so long as you don't provide the Vent details to all and sundry, you are invited to log on and chat, whenever you feel.
    ~A stable internet connection (note this is not a question of your computer's performance!) is hugely important, stable connectivity is vital to a successful nights raiding.

    If your class/spec is not listed, please feel free to apply, exceptional applications will be reviewed and handled on a case by case basis. However, we are NOT recruiting any Monks of any spec. Sorry guys.

    In return, Adrenaline and it's members aims to provide you with;

    ~ A tight knit group of friends that raids well together and enjoys other games together as well.
    ~ A group of people that enjoys having a good laugh but know when to be serious.
    ~ A fair and impartial loot system (EPGP) EPGP explained
    ~ Consistent raiding without raids being cancelled, with a calm, focussed Raid Leader.
    ~ Consistent progress in current raid content, we aim to do OUR best, not to compete with X Guild for server firsts. Enjoyment over Epeen.
    ~ A guild that covers repairs on raid nights.
    ~ A guild that provides enchants & gems for new upgrades from raids.
    ~ A guild that provides Banquets during raid nights. (Bringing your own food shows dedication and organisation)
    ~ Rank 25 guild with equvalent perks.
    ~ Functional and stable ventrilo server up 24/7
    ~ A guild with members who care about each other and support each other be it with ingame issues or Real Life.

    If this sounds like the guild for you then come visit us at http://adrenaline-stormrage.shivtr.com/ follow the links to apply. We consider this a noob-filter method, it's very straightforwards if you read the post on our forum

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Nikolai in game for more details, please don't be put off if Nikolai is not online, our guild members are very friendly and will be able to put you in touch with Nikolai, wherever he is

    Thank you for your interest in Adrenaline and best of luck in your lifes pursuits.
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    We're still looking for those last few members to complete our roster Don't be put off by the wall of text, majority of this is guild rules repeated from our forum.

    We're the perfect guild to join if you're back from a long break or want to step it up a notch and start raiding properly. We don't flame each other, we help each other. Real Life is most important but we do like to set aside a few hours a week and kick some mogu or mantid or sparkle-dragon butt

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