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    Any "Artistic" Games?

    Name some good "artistic" games, by artistic I mean games with relevant themes and meaning to them, that have a point beyond just fun gameplay. The meaning could go by strong themes and messages, etc.

    Pretty much "Oscar worthy" (in movie terms) games compared to blockbuster games (again movie terms).

    I'm just wondering because the more I think about it I can't think of that many artsy games.

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    It's kinda a broad question. Even your definition of artistic. Lot's of games have strong themes and messages, usually told through story. Do you want games that have distinctive art styles? The last one I played was El shaddai. Pretty neat and "artistic" i guess.

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    Gears of War trilogy.

    It's an abstract kind of art. Blood, chainsaws, gore and general mayhem.
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    Does Trine 1 and Trine 2 count? i would guess Bastion aswell if trine 1&2 count

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    Okami. I may be taking artistic a bit literally here though lol

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    Ico and Shadow of The Colossus.

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    Isn't that Miyazaki-inspired RPG coming out soon?

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    I think a massive amount of indie games are artsy in that they're catering more to a theme, message or specific design or gameplay rather than trying to make a game that sells to the masses. In fact, probably a great deal of the indie games meet some sort of definition of an "artsy" game and they win a lot of awards for it, compared to a "blockbuster" game.

    Then there are some AAA titles which are visually breathtaking, stretching the bounds of graphics with amazing attention to detail.

    Then you get the ones in between that would be worthy of the "oscar" of the gaming world, games that approach a masterpiece quality so could be compared to "gaming art", in that respect, simply because of how good the overall package is....

    Depends which one of those you are using to define artistic I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bridgetjones View Post
    Isn't that Miyazaki-inspired RPG coming out soon?
    Ummm... Ni No Kuni? I think that's what it's called.

    But there's also Jade Cocoon 2 from the PS2 days, which people should also check out.

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    Mass Effect 3?

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    To The Moon. Pretty solid story driven game that really makes you want to connect and feel for the characters in it.
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    Braid, all of the awards, all of them, should go to it. I love the not so hidden and not so obvious theme that the story is about. Was pretty chilling when I found out.
    Bastion, maybe.
    Trine 1 and 2.

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    Ever play Shadow of the Colossus? If you have a ps2, check it out. If that game isn't art than I don't know what the fuck art is anymore.

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    Spec Ops: The Line.

    It intentionally drew people in under the premise it would be a generic CoD clone and the story was meant to be- well, that would be spoiling things. Needless to say they took a big risk and decided to make the game about sending a message. It worked... kind of. It's £10 in the Steam sale atm so go grab it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    Ico and Shadow of The Colossus.
    I'll second this. Absolutely beautiful.

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    Nobody said Journey (PS3 only though... sadly) yet, which for me is one of the best artistic game ever made, both in term of experience and graphisms. Other than that Shadow of the Colossus & Ico are some strong titles, and more indie-wise I'd say Limbo & trine 2 (the 1st is slowly becomming outdated but you can try it!).
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    I'm at a loss honestly. I'd have to rummage through my old game library to give a proper example / favorite.

    The only immediate examples I can give are art in a gaming respect: Fallout (1, 2), System Shock (1, 2), Dues Ex (1), Silent Hill (1-3), Demon's / Dark Souls.

    As for a more literal art sense: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, and (when it comes out) The Last Guardian.

    There's a bunch of retro art games on newgrounds, and some bigger indie titles even started there.

    However... even though I didn't mention some I may remember later, I will not forget to mention:

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    As most people said, Trine & Bastion are both beautiful and amazing games, I kinda liked the ambientation from Deus Ex: HR, but it might not be as artistic as you may want it to be o:

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    I second Okami, Aquaria and both Trine games. Also Amanita games like Machinarium and Botanicula have very distinctive graphic style.

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