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    General questions and starter edition questions


    finally decided to try this game out and it's a blast. But I am confused about some parts:

    1.) http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/S.../hero/19117805 -> What is the level of quality logic? The yellow helm seems to be "a lot" (in quotation because I have no idea tbh) better than the other items. Is it grey < white < blue < yellow < something?

    2.) Besides killing the Skeleton King, is there anything else to do in the Starter Edition?

    3.) Me and my girlfriend are going to duo through the game probably, but I have a question, how far can we get that way? All the way through Inferno?

    4.) What is a good combo class with Barbarian? I was going for witchdoctor but at low levels his survivability is beyond bad.

    Sorry for the probably stupid questions.

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    From lowest to highest:


    Greys are the worst, you never want to be wearing them. Blues and Yellows are what you'll find most commonly, and Oranges are very rare.

    AFAIK, the Starter Edition only lets you go up to the Skeleton King. So no, there's nothing else to do, except maybe look for random side-quests and side-dungeons I guess.

    Yes, you can do the entire game with two people. Or three. Or four. Or just yourself, it doesn't matter. With how the game is balanced now, more players = better, pretty much.

    Any class is good with any other class, but seeing as you're a barb, I'd pair you with a ranged class. Yes, solo, ranged classes are rather weak (and require lots of kiting), but with a melee class tanking, they can just sit back and shoot. Any ranged class is fine.
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