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    Windlord Tactics

    I am Demonology on this fight and what is realy the best way to maximize your dps/dmg done?

    I dot them all up with corruption and popping my infernal and imps when they get pulled and enters meta and dotting them up with doom and then cancelaura and just spams hellfire in caster form while doing harvest life. To gain fury and once i am full i pop my macro with cds and ds and stuff and do void ray and hellfire at the same time. Rince and repeat the whole add phase.

    Is there any better way of doing this boss ? Maybe save so i can pop DG for the phase when you burn him? And maybe just put up corruption on the mobs is more benefitial?
    Sorry if this has allready been answerd but i cant realy find a thread about this specific boss and since this boss realy favours demonology it would be good to have some sort of advice of how to handle this boss for all the demos out there.

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    Use the search function:
    Ths thread is not even a week old and matches your questions ...
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