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    Getting Verigan's Fist on my Pally. I felt so awesome. And I was a Holy Pally because I didn't realize there were 2 tabs for specs :P
    This happened to me too, took me 30 lvls to notice ther were 2 other tabs, i remember being into gnomeregan and seeing a pally proccing seal of command and i asked myself "how the fu*k can he do that thing?" LOL

    Back on topic my best memories are my first Mc boss kill (lucifron), my first onyxia raid and the day i got perdition's blade <3

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    Leveling in STV and seeing a paladin wearing shiny golden armor. My friend told me that he was wearing "end game" gear. I had never heard of "end game" and had no idea what "raiding" was. I thought he looked so cool and impressive, and it felt like I was in the presence of some kind of god. From that point on I wanted to get to "end game" (whatever it was) so I could look like a hero too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elmister View Post
    Welcome bear in plaguelands, nuff said!!!

    At level 7
    My very first character, which was an undead, met that bear allready...

    *walks to the Bulwark looking for quests*

    ''Well, here's nothing. Maybe there are more quests in that other zone following the road!''

    *suddenly gets chased by a freaking undead bear*


    Good ol' times...

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    tuber runs in felwood and all the pvp that ensured.

    edit: Tanking Ony with the lobo and Av shield.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sound911 View Post
    AND flying over the burning steppes at a low level and seeing level ?? mobs, made me scared and i was worried that i'd never get to explore that area of the map even though it looked so cool
    So much this! And then the first time the ?? became level numbers and realising my character was growing up And then finally actually finding myself there.

    Finally getting my level 40 mount, and galloping everywhere, amazed at the speed.

    My first BG, and my heart pounding so much.

    First Deadmines, absolutely loved it.

    Dr Weevil following my ghost around outside Theramore, that freaked me out so much that I didn't log back in for a good couple of weeks.

    Duskwood *shivers*

    Seeing Hogger when I was level 9 and thinking 'He's level 11, I can take him' and then finding out what the gold portrait meant...

    Weather being introduced, and rainstorms so severe you could barely see. And the first time I saw snow fall in game.

    But mostly just everything being new and there to be discovered.

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    First time pulling MC and realizing I wasn't a noob anymore.

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    When I was level 56 I got help from my now RL friend , we where questing in western plaguelands and did the elite quests around the towers you where burnin up, and Krol blade dropped, the very first epic I saw, since I didn't need it - he "won" it, and instead he gave me amd the agility enchant on it.

    My first blue item ever, felt amazing !

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    Raiding Alliance settlements, mostly Auberdine and Menethil Harbor, with my guild of real life friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dancing Turkey View Post
    Getting to Darnassus and thinking that the place was amazing, it was so huge, not knowing there were other cities out there. Seeing people with these bright orange and red glows on their wepons and wondering how they got them. Asking in general chat how to get a *glow* haha, and this rather lovely level 60 nelf, giving me beastslayer enchant on my staff I was so happy I had a red glow

    The same level 60 asking me if I had been to Stormwind, and asking if I'd like to go.. and all through the long trek just being amazed at the size of the world.

    The community was so helpful, no question was too stupid, everyone was in the same boat learning, and asking.

    My first ever real *exploration* using wall jumping to get to the highest peak in Azeroth at the time going through Loch Modan, we all had a picnic at the top.

    I have so many more amazing memories! It was all new and shiney and that was a great feeling!
    I started early TBC and I'm usually not really a fan of overexcessively glorifying either TBC or Vanilla (the latter since I didn't experience it).

    But if there's anything I loved back then, it was the above.

    Thanks, Dancing Turkey, for formulating it like that. You really put it rather aptly.

    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    -I had gotten to Orgrimmar area at lvl 6 as an undead warlock and then thought i might have done something wrong and started all over again.
    -Hearing Orgrimmar music for the first time
    -First Wailing Caverns run. First time seeing that roll screen on a blue item, rolling need for that without knowing what it does, pissing off a warrior for that, apologizing many times afterwards.
    -Succubus quest.
    -Wanding Vaelastrasz by mistake
    -Spending close to 5 hours in a LBRS run once lol
    -My first Tarren Mill pvp
    -Having Felsteed for free at lvl 40 and running around with it for the first time
    -Dropping down my Infernal for the first time
    -That Lunar Festival (i think?) in moonglade. Seeing that big dog(?) killing everyone around the area
    -AMAZING ALTERAC VALLEY BATTLES that last 5-6 hours. Spawning AV bosses for the first time!!! Making 200 kb-6 deaths as a dest lock (with the help of 3-4 pocket healers)
    -Silverpine forest shore.
    -Getting killed in Silverpine by Son of Arugal. I was like o_P? lol
    -Getting to Westfall at night.
    -First Stratholme run
    -First Scholomance run
    -First everything run lol

    SO MANY omg. It was so much fun. Loved all those moments.
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    a seven minute long duel with 1 of the grand marshals of my server when i had blue gear and 1 epic, i managed to win with 4hp left. the duel attracted quite alot of attention. (considering he was decked out in full grand marshal gear and i had a mix of the blue pvp set and lightforge) greatest pvp match i've ever had
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    World PvP, i loved it in Vanilla. We had many 100+ battles in barrens those days.

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    I've told this story a few times already, but here goes.

    I was level 60 (prot warrior, didn't raid, average gear for a non-raider) and was in Winterspring with my hunter friend/guildy who was around level 55-56. I was there to help him farm Timbermaw rep for some enchant he wanted because I was bored. So we're happily slaughtering the mobs, farming rep, and generally minding our own business, when my friend spots this level 60 undead warrior and decides to gank him. The warrior is at around 20% health and has a few mobs on him, so we make quick work of him. We teabag him for a second before he releases, then we go about our business like nothing happened.

    10 minutes later, out of nowhere, here comes this warrior. It turns out he's a DPS warrior for the highest progressed guild on the server, and he is fucking decked out (some of his gear being from Naxx). He is now at full health, and he would like to have a word with us about the fact that we jumped him a few minutes ago. He charges in and roflstomps us for almost an hour. We are on vent trying to devise strategies for killing this guy. We try splitting up. We try ressing at the same time to pop every CD we have on him. We even manage to get away, heal to full, and come back to full on 2v1 him and still get owned. He basically 1-shots my hunter friend every single time, and it's all I can do to just play defensively against him 1v1. We have no chance.

    Finally my friend says on vent "FUCK THIS GUY I'M HEARTHIN" and I follow. We were kinda pissed at the time because of how bad we got owned, but looking back, it was pretty funny.

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    Also, the first time I ever joined a raid. I never was really much of a raider back in vanilla, but I had a friend who invited me to an MC run because his guild needed an extra offtank. I was one of like 5-6 tanks (and by far the least geared) and was the only one in raid who wasn't a guild member. It was a pretty low-pressure job, basically a "hang around with all the clothies and taunt anything that gets away from our real tanks and too close to the clothies" job, but I was so nervous my hands were shaking. It was awesome.

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    And one more....helping my friend with his quest to get the Chimaerok Chops recipe. We were out on the island ready to fight the big elite thing he needed for it. I was in my average level 60 blue tanking gear and was getting ready to tank, when some guy in full epics speaks up and says "your gear sucks, i'll tank it" and pulls himself. He lasts for a few seconds and gets owned. They're getting ready to wipe it when I run in, grab the elite, and proceed to tank him all the way to 0 like a fucking boss. I got a few good jabs in on that other tank afterwards too. Sent him a few "Hey, did I do OK? My gear's kinda bad, so I wasn't sure if I'd do ok, but....I guess we killed him, what does that mean, is that good??" whispers. I got back an "lol" before he put me on ignore.

    Good times indeed.
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    Fighting for the glory and honor of the Alliance in Hillsbrad!

    Stalking our prey in the foreboding Plaguelands, reminding them that the Alliance's presence was not entirely absent within the region.

    Guerrilla warfare in the dense jungle of Feralas.

    Actually, you know, enjoying the world for what it is and being forced to interact with others. Rather than just safely flying from point to point with virtually no need to become more acquainted with this great creation of Blizzard's and the players that inhabit it for that matter.

    What do I miss most ultimately? Character. It's been replaced by cheap and short-lived thrills through an all-consuming progression based system.
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