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    Check member list in party channel

    When queuing up random BGs with friends in a party, it seems the party channel can be seen by my friends and myself. Not other members in the BG. Is that the way how it works?

    How about in the raid? Say if I queue for a LFG with 4 friends, can I use party channel to chat with them in the raid without letting other raid members see out conversation?

    Though I still want to check who is in the channel. I know how to do it for general/trade/LFG/personal channel. It's "/chatinfo <channel #>". Is there a slash command to do that? Like "/chatinfo p" or "/chatinfo bg" for party and BG channels?

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    No idea about for BGs but couldn't you just look at the raid frames and check who's in your group there?

    I think party chat follows those groups in a raid
    This is absolutely the attitude and language that, in this community, needs to go sit in the corner for a while. If you can't stand the thought of there being multiple difficulty tiers of content -- into which we pour a lot of our development efforts -- to make raiding feasible for more than 2% of players, hit Heroic mode, turn on vent, and repeatedly remind your friends how good you are. I have no doubt they care

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