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    Ideas about upcoming changes for hunters

    Hi community,

    I'm a former WoW player who recently (2weeks ago) returned to MoP to join in with challenge modes with my friends.
    Now I got a few level 85's including those who would fit pretty good in our current challenge mode setup, and are also extremely good dps at challenge modes. (fmage, dk, ...)!
    Yet I decided to start over from level 1 and roll a hunter, just because I dont enjoy playing any of my other classes that fit in our setup anymore.
    And for me, fun, is still the main reason I play this game. (yet I did and still do take the game very serious).

    Currently I'm slacking around level 88 and I'm enjoying the playstyle on my hunter!
    Now I did alot of research and my problem is that I find that hunters arent all that great at all in challenge modes if you want to be competitive.
    Sure in survival we can do alot of AOE damage, but playing challenge modes won't be pulling more then 4-6 mobs max at a time I bet?!
    And in the BM spec I got a feeling we can pull out insane amount of burst on single target, but start slacking after that burst, let alone when it's a fight where 2-3 adds spawn, then we are completely behind in dps.

    Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my hunter, but it is a little demotivating, doing this much of an effort to perform well only to see you falling behind on our much beloved, precious, DPS numbers!

    So long story short, any ideas on what Blizzard potentionally has intented to change on our spec/class in the near future?

    Thanks for reading, cheers!

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    Outside of the changes they have planned for 5.1, I don't anticipate much major change this expansion. In case you're not up to speed on what's about to happen though, here's a summary:

    Aspect of the fox removed
    steady and cobra shot castable while moving, baseline
    increased duration of the steady focus effect for MM (doubling the current duration I believe)
    Lynx rush attacks changed from direct damage to a stacking bleed, total damage will be equivalent or possibly higher, but over a longer period of time
    Pet no longer immune to CCs while under the effects of bestial wrath

    Bit of a hit to BM burst, buff to MM single target/sustained damage, and virtually nothing for SV, because it doesn't really need it. I can't really say how we're performing in challenge modes because I haven't done it myself (yet). But I can say that to really pull fast times you need a combination of everything; burst, sustained, aoe and lots and lots of control. Honestly, I think Hunters are well suited to challenge mode, especially if you choose your talents specifically with that in mind. Oh, and based on some of the vids I've seen, your 4-6 mob comment might be a little... conservative. Ultimately, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Yeah we're behind other classes in damage potential, but in a 5 man environment, especially challenge modes, it's really going to come down to individual player skill and group coordination much more than any problems the class might have.
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    Hunters have virtually 0 buildup to their DPS, high mobility, CC, and Misdirect. Sure, they may not be "da bestest evarr" for challenge modes, but they definitely have some good strengths to them. BM Hunters, being particularly CD-heavy, thrive on short boss encounters such as those you'll see in CM's and their DPS will be sky-high on the single-target fights.

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    Ok! I aprreciate the feedback from you guys, it definetly changed some aspects of my mindset!

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