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    Gear needed to get good numbers as sub?

    I know sub needs a lot of gear to start being better than assassination, and i was wondering what kind of gear do i need to make sub work?
    Assassination is getting incredibly boring, but i'm the kind of guy that won't play a spec that is weaker.
    Plus it would be awesome to have a combat spec with the right reforges.

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    Subt may start to overtake Mut at nearly full heroic BiS. If VP upgrades actually come in 5.1, that will make the threshold more obtainable.

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    I dont think we have any proof that will necessarily be the case at the moment

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    The trouble is, people aren't really sure if Subtlety is being modelled correctly in SimC, so it's tough to get a good measure on when, if ever, Sub overtakes Mut.

    Currently, SimC has it that it is already ahead, but a lack of real data makes it tough to verify that.
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    I really want Sub to be viable again. I hate Combat and only play it for cleave and Assassination is getting dull. I played it in early progress and it was about 5% behind Assassination. That is when I was ilvl 480. Now I am a bit higher and so it may be more viable.

    Sub does scale unbelievably well due to stat and damage modifiers. However, as Xeast says above, there is little empirical evidence at the moment and so someone geared and skilled who has everything heroic on farm needs to test Sub out for a few clears and report back. Volunteers? Maybe someone like Ahdehl or Ashvael will do this.

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    I did some tests myself on LFR and Mut is still considerably ahead. Did that fixing gems, enchants and reforges for both. I tried those on Feng which I consider a good encounter to compare specs. Difference was about 7k dps, that can be de difference from a wipe to a kill on heroics. Getting the 4pc bonus will sure make Sub competitive, but taken that you may want to combo use vendetta with 24secs shadowblades, during dispatch phase... well it is a killler, having so much burst when u most need it. I do hope Sub comes back to top again though, my favorite spec for sure.

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    I just can't stand to play Mutilate, all that downtime of just waiting is just silly.
    Sub lost some complexity but still has a decent amount of flavor to it.

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