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    What addon is this?

    What addon is on this picture?
    The picture is taken during a bossfight and it says the cooldown on the abilitys the boss have, is it DBM? if so how do i "mod" it like this?

    also what addon is this? Is it grid?

    and finally what font/addon is this? Also what are the nameplate thingy addon?

    All of these pictures are taken from a livestream, so dno anything about them, so if you know anything, please tell me :3 thnx.

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    Customizing DBM timer bars

    Looks like grid or vuhdo

    Not sure of the exact name, but it's just a 'bit font'. You can add fonts to your font addon of choice, although I think you can only use TrueType fonts.
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    Oh thnx, how do i find fronts and edit them?

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    Looks like just a standard pixel font. Google searching brings up many ( for example)

    Nameplate addon, hard to tell which exact one it is. Some of the more popular ones;


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    The addon used to skin the boss mod is most likely this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louna View Post
    The addon used to skin the boss mod is most likely this one:
    Thanks looks just like it

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