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    489 ilvl pve weapon vs pvp weapon?

    Which one is better? I know the pvp weapon has pvp power but is it enough that it makes it better than the better dmg of 489 ilvl pve weapon?

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    The pvp power is ALOT better than the dmg of a 489ilvl pve weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pol-Kinabol View Post
    The pvp power is ALOT better than the dmg of a 489ilvl pve weapon.
    not A LOT, but it's definitely better.

    The difference will be even more noticeable next patch, where they increase the amount of power on weapons.

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    PvP power = all u need for PvP, low PvP power= loss.

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    PVP Power> All in every way possible

    ( Well in most ways )

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    What about 490 weapon vs Heroic Sha-Touched or 416 caster dagger. I got the 490 bow on my hunter and I'm not sure, a 509 gun with a 500 agi gem must be pretty close.

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    According to shadowpanther.net, PVP weapons are BIS until the 509s. That's for rogues, but I'm guessing it will be the same for other classes.
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