Ok so we know whats gonna kill the game now blizzards greed for money and botters, dnt get me wrong all companys make money but with all this money why are they not removing bots or banning them, i was on the phone to blizz support other day the person was very nice but what he said was that all players if they commit an offence on there account they go through there pyramid system of suspensions, 3hr,12hr,24hr etc upto perm ban, the reason bots dnt get banned is cos nobody reports them and they will never have there accounts closed.

because blizzard makes money off bots, im 3 items away from a full honor set on my warrior and what should have took 2-3 days has took about 2 weeks cos of botters, why should i bust my ass in PVP to win when nobody else does, and bots are not just in pvp anymore ive heard people say there in LFR and dungeons to.

Ithink this game has about 5 years left in it if that, yes wow has 10 million subs but how many of those are botters,trial accounts or people who are inactive but still pay if you take all them out i bet your left with less than 5 million players.

another "PVP" expansion promise broken by blizzard, if they wanna bring pvp back they need to get rid of bots

ive heard of an addon going around called oque or something which is like preform av enabler