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    Garalon (10 normal) seeking advice

    As the title states my guild is having issues killing Garalon 10 man normal. We've had a 3% wipe at enrage, but usually our wipes are at higher percentages. Most of our attempts were 1 tank, 3 heal (holy paladin soaking swipes with me, the tank), with 3 ranged dps and a healer alternating carrying pheromones. Here is a WoL link: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/j...pes&boss=63667

    When we switched to back to 2 tanks, 2 healers the damage looked like it would be high enough, but we're having issues with healing. We might be unable to 2 heal it, but not have the damage to 3 heal it.

    My question is should we stick to the 2 tank 2 healer strategy with 4 ranged dps kiters? Is there any kiting advice to offer? And if we can't muster the dps for this on normal with 3 healers, would Stone Guard heroic be a better fight to work on? I recall people saying it has a very generous enrage, though a few weeks back when we tried it we were behind enrage. Our raid dps is not very good, obviously.


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    Your Warlock's DPS is less than my 86 Fire Mage's. Replace him until he can bring more damage per second than derps per second.

    3 heal, 1 tank, EVERYONE prepot and hero/cd pot (only a few of your raiders are), replace your lock, and you'll make enrage doing exactly what you're doing.

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    Or you could just 2 heal it....?

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    *tank can spec dps, (we were using plate dps + rogue on feint to soak swipes)
    *tank can kite pheromones instead of 1 dps (just have to be in range for swipes)
    *2 healers can kite

    Each of those solutions (or any combination) should work and each should solve problem of missing dps (we had the same problem)

    Edit: Repleacing Warlock might be the best idea tho :]

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