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    Cool [H][US - Mug'thol]<Winter is Coming> (11/16 HM, 10M raiding) LF 1 Ranged for Core!

    Hey friends, Winter is Coming (11/16 HM, 10-man raiding) is recruiting 1 ranged DPS for core! We need one of the following:

    • Elemental Shaman Dedicated DPS
    • Shadow Priest Dedicated DPS
    • Balance Druid Dedicated DPS
    • Warlock

    About Us:
    <Winter is Coming> is a 10-man Horde guild that has had various homes throughout the years — Dark Iron, Illidan, Mug'thol. We're a devoted team of old friends, many of whom have been playing together for 2-3 years. That being said, we're open and welcoming towards new people, and always ready to add new players to our brotherhood.

    We have great admiration and respect for talent, skill, loyalty, effort, and dedication. Most of us would describe <Winter is Coming> as a "hardcore casual guild". What this means is that we strive for the best PvE progression we can achieve without exceeding three raid nights a week. We may raid less hours than most world ranking teams, but we hold ourselves to the same high standard of performance and intelligence.

    It is our guild policy that we do not bench raiders, and we do not keep more than 10 core/trial raiders. Therefore, applicants should make absolutely certain that they can attend 98% of raids before applying.

    Raiding Hours: Tues/Wed/Thurs 8:30-12:00 ST (9:30-1:00am EST) (excluding national and religious holidays)

    • Appropriate Gear Level (5.2 pending)
    • Appropriate Experience (5.2 pending)
    • 21+ years old
    • World of Logs parses that demonstrate talented and resourceful DPS. You may check all of your current logs on http://raidbots.com/epeenbot/ — Your most recent DPS logs should be at, above, or close to the orange line.
    • An application that demonstrates a good work ethic, a good raiding attitude, reliability, maturity, and effort!

    We will always pay for the realm transfers of promising applicants!

    Please refer to our website (http://www.winter-approaches.com) in order to read our full guild information and policy (in our Guild Charter) or submit an application! You may also whisper one of our handsome officers: Saladface, Cassim, Kàgome, Azurenia. You may also contact me, Saladface, by Battletag or Real ID:

    Saladface#1271 , [email protected]

    Please Note: The Recruitment Needs and Progression side-panels on our website generally take up to one week to update. Our most current recruitment needs and requirements are are always up to date on WoWProgress.
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    Bump!!! This is a great opportunity for any exceptional raider!

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    Just letting everyone know that I have increased the minimum requirements, so please check before applying!

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    Happy Thanksgiving! Also bump!

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    ninjaed my loot when i raiaded with. Buyer Beware

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    uh, what? Also, bump to say we're opening recruitment for a tank!

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    would really love a hybrid healer!

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    need a ranged dps for 5.2 now

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