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    [A] US Terenas 25m 4/6-1/6-0/4N looking for more.

    Opera Non Verba, Terenas 25 man raiding guild


    <Opera non Verba> is a 25 man raiding guild. We are recruiting people who know their class well, who keep up to date on your class, and your class changes. Including people, who are able to be aware of their surroundings, know the fights/are willing to pay attention and learn fights as well as not standing in the bad.

    Current progression
    Mogu'shan vaults 4/6 normal mode. (25 man)
    Heart Of Fear 1/6 normal mode. (25 man)
    Terrance of Endless spring 0/4 (25 man)

    Raid Times:
    Sun, Mond, Tuesd, Wedns 6:30-9:30 Mountain time

    Current Recruitment Needs
    High= need Low= not so much.
    Healers – OPEN (RESTO SHAMAN)
    DPS – OPEN to the following classes:
    Warlock - MEDIUM
    Mage - HIGH
    Boomkin - MEDIUM
    Enhance shaman- MEDIUM
    hunter- LOW
    Ele shaman- HIGH
    ret pally- LOW
    monk - LOW

    If you are exceptional at your class don't be afraid to throw in an application.

    Applying Process:
    - In order to be considered for a trial spot, you must fill out an application and answer all the required questions.
    - Read the stickies and the application template on our application section
    - Make a new thread in the application section, copy all questions over from the template, and answer them thoroughly.
    - Our officers will review your application and give you all questions and concerns before you are accepted or denied.
    - Monitor your application frequently and try to answer all questions, promptly.


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    and Bump! still looking for good players.

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