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    Will of emperor 10 HC resto

    Hello everyone,sorry for my bad English in advance. I tried the combat tonight and I have the responsibility to heal only tanks. We used 1 war and 1 monk, the other healer was a monk (aoe heal).I have many problems to heal the tanks, their life goes down very quickly (150-190k each melee attack), and often I can not keep them up. I'm currently using riptide and greater healing wave on them, using personal cooldown after each devastating combo for more hps. I tried elemental mastery and prime Elementalist, and I'm going full mastery with first haste cap (871) ...the tanks often have a stack of debuff, but I would like some advice, thanks in advance and I hope the message is understood.
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    tell them to l2p and dodge devastating combo. no stacks = win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isopahajuho View Post
    tell them to l2p and dodge devastating combo. no stacks = win
    On top of this, ask your other healer to help and make sure your tanks are using their own abilities too. Your warrior could easily be using enraged regen and your monk tank could make use of expel harm and Chi Wave. As far as I understand, those two bosses are very hard hitters on heroic and I can't imagine trying to solo heal both the tanks (but then again i'm a novice healer at best).

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