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    WW BARB Question.

    So I'm getting conflicting information about a WW Barb's offhand weapon.

    Is the offhand JUST a stat stick or does the DPS on it matter?

    I know before the "Run Like the Wind" nerf it was just a stat stick due to the fact that most of your damage came from the tornados but now, with Whirl Wind actually being a much larger part of our DPS, I'm hearing the weapon DPS does in fact matter.

    So which is it?

    Also, is it safe to say that LoH is officially a useless stat to us? I'm currently running with about 1000 LoH and 6% Lifesteal. Not sure if I can safely drop my LoH for more DPS or not.
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    It's pretty much a stat stick however I started mine quite late so I'm not exactly a ''veteran'' WW barb

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    apparantly i have been misunderstanding ww build(doesnt affect me that much due to my weird pickings)

    SPRINT WW= consider only main hand
    normal WW = alternate between MH and OH
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