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    Quote Originally Posted by Haarvald View Post
    Considering that THIS expansion is only 2 months old you are worried about the NEXT one?
    Blizz did state they were already working on the next expansion even before MoP was released.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxzas View Post
    discussion initiated.

    That points to ANYTHING to do with Draenei. Who knows, maybe they will communicate with Elune, or w/e.

    Rather, what DOES point to Burning Legion expansion is 2 things- Wrathion's little skit, first time you meet with him, AND a Taiwanese blue post a long while back (couple months before 5.0 came out) stating that Doom Lord Kazzak might be returning as Doom Lord Kazzak: Herald of the Returning Legion, aka outdoor world boss.
    Anyone ever notice how the sun seems to shine silverish now? Didn't it used to shine goldish? PM me if you've noticed this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    For all you know they might be aiming to make some Draenei themed underwear as sold by Jinx with a hole in the back for the tail.
    This made me laugh very hard. lol

    Burning Legion - Burning Crusade.. 2 different shoes.
    BC had a lot of Draenei content. Naturally, for the same reason there was a lot of Belf content. Properly and best reflected by Scryer Tier, and Aldor Tier in Shatt.

    Are Draenei neglected? Probably. But so are most other races, except for Orcs and Humans.
    Night Elfs are on the backburner now forever. They are basically in front of the Draenei at the waiting line.
    The changes and effects on the Night Elfs due to Cataclysm can hardly be called a progression. Shit.... we were waiting for Malfurions return for many years, and when he finally returned he was put in some quest spots to just stand around there, handing out quests, and/or keeping tornadoes in check.
    That's not story progression. That's half assed content integration about the arguably most powerful of all faction leaders.

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    I can't see any Draenei related content being added that wouldn't involve the Burning Legion.

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    There has been a number of pointers ( ... Of course nobody can know for sure, but at this point it's probably the most well educated guess.

    That tweet about the Draenei could have nothing or everything to do about the next expansion. We can look at in-game clues and login screen messages etc... But a tweet like that is absurdly vague.

    Personally I want another Burning Legion expansion not because I think it will herald the return of incredibly difficult dungeons or attunements etc... But simply because Outland is my favourite continent, looks-wise and questing-wise. And after seeing what they can do with Questing and Story through Cata and MOP, it's clear to me they could make one hell of a Argus or wherever the BL Xpack would take place. Not only that but I found the story in Burning Crusade better and more interesting then say WOTLK, but just not as well executed and hence it's flow was a bit off and it felt slightly disjointed. So another shot at really getting that 'Perfect' Burning Legion Story would be extremely exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoma View Post
    When was this?
    In this video.

    At 2:11:11 Metzen says 'Uh, what can I say out loud? In terms of what's coming next, you're gonna need their help.'

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    I would love to see the Burning Legion come back, but OPs proof isn't enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wou View Post
    I would love to see the Burning Legion come back, but OPs proof isn't enough.
    What about all the other proof? :P

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    Draenei will be completely exterminated to fix the mistake that was done in BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jd812 View Post
    next expack is a burning legion one
    Prove it or be quiet. Don't state unconfirmed rumours as the truth and act smug about you knowing it.

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