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    Dungeon bug / glitch, or?...

    Was doing a AC-Story run earlier, and we lost someone who was offline for awhile. We kicked him, and I began searching for a 5th to replace him in Lions Arch. I quickly got someone, but when I tried to go back into the dungeon it was loading a new dungeon instead of loading the previous one that had my party members in. Haven't seen a way to rejoin them, or any NPC chat selections that will send me back in.

    Is there really no way to rejoin your party in the dungeon once you leave the dungeon?

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    Were you the party leader?

    If the party leader leaves its game over basically.

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    Is there a way to check for party leader? As far as I remeber, I wasn't. But I may have been, I guess.

    Never bothered checking for who was the party leader since anyone can invite to the group, didn't see any special-icons that marked someones portrait. Did see someone marking targets though. With a cross-hair icon over NPC's to focus down first.

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    not sure off the top of my head how to check for lead after the fact it kinda depends on what command people used. Asumeing someone else invited you if they used invite to send the request they would be lead, if they used join you'd end up as lead. Gets even more confusing when its 2 groups merging that way.

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    Game sometimes make the leader the person who loaded 1st . I am not sure if its intended or bug.
    But if the people from your party were still in the dungeon and you just couldn't join them then its a bug. If you were the leader they would be all kicked from the dungeon. Horrible system really...

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    Sounds like a bug. In future relog, leave and rejoin the party should fix it. Nanessa is correct in that the first person to enter becomes the party leader although anyone can mark monster using ctrl + T. If party leader disconnects then the entire party is kicked, bit of an odd system but an intended one.
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