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    Unable to move in game menus. Help!

    Hi there.

    I've been experiencing a problem that is exclusive to my Shaman. On all of my toons except my shaman, I'm able to move around the in game menu, and drag around the interface windows, however on my Shaman, I can't. All of my toons are running identical add-ons and in game settings, but for whatever reason I can't do this on my Shaman.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems, or has a workaround for this?

    Any help is appreciated *^*
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    It must be an addon profile being different on you Shaman.

    Backup your WTF folder, then go to WTF>Account>accountname>servername>charactername(any toon but your shaman).
    Copy everything in this folder.
    Go to your shamans addon config folder (frostmourne>defines?)
    Delete the contents
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