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    HDMI out and audio

    Hey everyone, I have a HDMI cable running out of my Nvidia 660 into my TV.

    Whenever I duplicate my computer's monitor to my TV to watch movies, I have to go to audio "play back devices", and change my default audio setting from my computer speakers to my TV speakers. Is there a way to automate this, so that I don't have to make changes every time? For some reason my old laptop is able to do this automatically, while my current computer is not.


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    No way to automate it. You can only have 1 default playback device at a time. Windows tries to make a best guess on which one you wanna use (sometimes default the wrong one).

    When you unplug/replug or switch default devices it usually stays that way and you have to manually change the default sound output if u want it changed.

    Don't think there's a way to automate it.

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    It depends. If Windows detects a device being plugged in that was previously the default device, it will switch to it. Note that it will have to be the same port (if there are multiple, like USB) for this to take effect. Some running programs, like games, may not automatically switch their output to the correct device without you restarting the program.

    If you plug in your TV, set the audio device to that, and then unplug the HDMI cable without changing anything - does it automatically switch back to your speakers?

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    its prolly due to old drivers of your computer or so. for some reason EDID-information isnt passing through correctly / fully. might be due to old TV also, hard to say with no more specs of tv :P

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    You can use Media Player classic(assuming you're using video files, not streaming) it allows you to select which input you want the sound to go to.
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    Thanks for the response everyone. With the info that you guys provided, I figured it that it was because of my HDMI hub, that was preventing the audio from switching automatically.

    Appreciate it!

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