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    Question Coming back to WoW after a while, any suggestions?

    After taking quite the long break from WoW, I'm definitely ready to come back and try out MoP. Anyone willing to share some information on how the game has changed since Cataclysm and if MoP is really as new and exciting as the reviews say? I'm mostly interested in hearing about what there is to do now at 90 and how raiding and competitive PvP has changed.

    Also, probably my biggest concern is what class I should continue on with now. I mained / raided with a resto shaman in Cata, but I really had enough of healing for eternity (as I hear Enh and Elem are just as bad as always, even now in MoP). Any suggestions for what class to go with to get the most out of raiding and PvE? Are tanks as in demand as they were pre-MoP? Are pure DPS classes "queue doomed" as always? Are ranged DPS classes still at an advantage to melee classes in raiding due to boss mechanics, etc?

    I'm thinking of either going with leveling my warlock or mage for the most PvE enjoyment (leaning heavily towards warlock for the PvP potential), however if you all say that melee classes are just as well off as any other class, I might just finish leveling my warrior that I gave up on mid-Cata.

    Edit: (Kinda stuck between Warrior and Warlock now, ugh decisions)

    Any suggestions (not just in regard to class decision, although that is currently what is most important to me right now) are welcomed, especially those that will help me enjoy MoP to it's fullest and not get into the same dreary rut that I was in during Cata.

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    want to do SoR? or RaF? I will be more than happy to lvl with ya! =D

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    dont think i've been gone long enough for SoR rewards and don't wanna make a new account, sorry, but gl finding someone hah

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    alot of things have been changed .. smarter talent trees, no need to go to trainer for learning new spells or reset alread known etc etc .. overall with few hitch and hights, MoP is a good venture.
    For leveling I suggest you may go with a DK as they are finest in both tanking and dps'ing. Priest can be a second choice for dmg class. or you may try Monks - alltogether a new class but very very viable (for me, they are just KungFu'd version of Paladins).

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