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    4 Piece Value

    So, currently, I am wearing Heroic Feng Helm (Nullification Greathelm) gemmed meta + crit/hit and the PvP Legs (Malevolent Gladiator's Plate Legguards) gemmed full crit.
    I know the shoulders is the off-set piece from Ambershaper. So here is my question:

    What is the value in the 4 piece? Would it be worth it to replace these particular pieces of gear with the REGULAR tier 14 pieces in order to get the 4 set? The way I see it is loosing about 2-3% crit to get that set bonus. Is it worth it at that point?

    Should I wait until heroic T14 legs and replace with the normal T14 helm and the heroic T14 legs? Or should I just go normal helm + normal legs to go for the 4set?

    Thank you.

    Nullification Greathelm: wowdb(dot)com/items/87024-nullification-greathelm
    Malevolent Gladiator's Plate Legguards: wowdb(dot)com/items/84876-malevolent-gladiators-plate-legguards

    Helmet of Resounding Rings: wowdb(dot)com/items/85333-helmet-of-resounding-rings
    Legplates of Resounding Rings: wowdb(dot)com/items/85330-legplates-of-resounding-rings

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    you would have to sim it to notice the dps gain from it. While I'm studying atm I'll take a look at it when I get home, as I'm curious about this myself.

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    The tier 14 4 piece bonus is worth around 1500-1800 DPS without considering any change in stats, so you'd need a setup that gained about 2000 DPS in stats over the set legs and helm to justify not using 4 piece. If you wish to sim it yourself, you can add the following line to your simcraft profile before running a sim to add the 4 piece bonus (or replace the 1 with a 0 if you need to try turning it off if you already actually have 4 piece):


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