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    (PvE) Resto Issues

    Hi! This is the first expansion that i'm really healling and i'm having some issues.
    I don't have mana issues, almost never OOM, got a good mana regen (almost 9k spirit / 13k combate regen unbuffed)

    The problem i have is on fights with not much AoE going on, stone guards for instance, some kills i get behind the pally TANK on the healling, Wind lord on our kill last night i lost to the pally tank on the healling (altho the rain of blades is AOE heavy) and i really don't know what the problem is, i'm always casting (if not healling i'm spamming lightning bolt), i have the 12,5% haste soft cap, my riptide isn't glyphed and i keep it on CD as often as possible.
    I really don't know whats going on, on more AoE intense fights with stacking i Top the healling (we heal with me / Hpally / Rdruid) for instance on Feng (MSV) / Blade Lord (HoF)

    World of Logs:

    My armory:

    Any imput is highly appreciate. sry for the spelling mistakes as well (I'm Brazillian.)
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    For fights like stone guards there are times that HR can be utilized(Such as placing an HR around the dogs that the tank/melee can both be caught in. For fights with not alot of stacking healing wave is your best friend if someone is >40% you can basically spam HW if they get lower do a GHW instead of a HW. HW is essentially your spam spell you should be able to pretty mcuh spam it the entire time and never run out of mana.

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    Stone Guards isn't a fair fight to measure healing done on. Our protadin pulled 30% of healing done the first kill we got, and he explained that he had some stupid benefit from the tiles (since I assume you're talking about heroic). Protadins are stupid OP on that fight.

    As for Mel'jarak, just glyph into RT and spread it around, with your 9k spirit base you won't even feel it. And honestly, if your prot is outhealing you on that fight, tell him to stop being retarded and to use his HP for damage instead.

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    Prot pallys with the Battle healler glyph is stupid, he gets around 92k AP on Stone guards and does like 35k HPS, its pretty retarded.

    Healing wave is my most used skill, i spamm it every time. that people drop under 90%. I don't do much tank healling since both tanks are always HoTed from the druid and the pally is spamming on them with beacon and theyr mastery. but still i feel like i'm lacking on some sort, either the fight have some nice stacking and i top the healling with Healling rain or is a spread / single healling fight and i pretty much get in 3rd place.

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    Just added the World of logs, altho i don't really know how to analyse it.
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    Well, check the overheal charts too, druids and pallies tend to top those. My best way to deal with H SG is just to ES one tank, keep riptide up on anyone lower than 95%, and use HW for people around 60-90% health. Use HTT after an overload, or if people are being stupid with chains. SWG + Ascendance works well too.

    If you're stacking spirit gearwise, and your dps are lighting up ~120 tiles (like they SHOULD), your MTT will fully replenish your mana bar, so use that to your advantage. Also, Echo of the Elements is a terrible talent for resto, pick up Nature's Swiftness instead. Switch Glyph of Purging for Glyph of Riptide. Get about 1k more spirit, then start going into crit (your mastery is fine right now).

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    thnx for the advise, i had glyph of purg for Wind Lord from last night (was on dispelling dutty with 2 battle menders up) i usually run with HW / Telluric Currents and either SWG or HST depending on the fight.

    Some friends that used to play Shaman didn't liked the Riptide glyph so much, and i don't think i do either. my riptide does about 20k healling on 80-90% targets and the glyph would kill the initial healling but i won't ever run out of tidal waves proc but with 4pieces that wont happen anyways, from my experience you get like 1-2 secs without TW proc if ur using riptide on CD, and the HoT from Riptide... i think its kinda "meh", way worst (healling wise) than the Rejuvenate from Druids (IMO, i might be wrong) from what i talked to my druid friend, his reju costs 9.500 mana and ticks for 16k, my riptide costs 9.600 and ticks for 8.200ish. so i GUESS that maybe if i pre-hot everyone before high damage inc it might be good and i don't think i'll get OOMed that fast... hmn... any thoughts on that?

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    btw should i use Spirit or Int flasks atm?
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    I would say Int flasks, and int food.

    I would also suggest throwing HR on cooldown anyway, even if its not a stack fight. On fights like Empress 10m with 3-4 melee including the boss, my healing rain is still up there on my healing done.

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    The 4pc is being changed.

    Also, don't listen to Dokki. Using HR on cooldown WILL make it be "up there" on healing done, but it'll also highly contribute to it being "up there" on your overhealing done.

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    You can't compete with prot paladins on fights where they take a lot of damage (for less of their passive self-healing to be wasted) and generate a lot of vengeance. On wind lord I've seen prot paladins sustaining 150k hps for the enitre aoe phase of the fight (insight and battle healer with high vengeance makes to insane healing with hammer of the righteous proccing all of that on every taget hit; I see 'em, when at low health, go from <10% to 100% every 4 seconds, as hammer comes off cooldown), and I've done 50k hps myself in mah assy prot off-spec gear in stone guards 10m normal one night when one of our regular tanks were afk (so Sunwalker's hps during this kill was actually pretty low, though that prboably had something to do with there being relatively little healing to be done with 3 healers spamming it up... and him using eternal flame instead of sacred shield for some reason; not a good idea, by the way).

    Dunno what Zues is going on about, though. Best of my knowledge, tiles don't do anything to help prot paladin healing, nor does looking at someone's overhealing tell you anything about someone's healing done for that fight (at least taken in isolation), and the comment about telling the prot paladin to "stop being retarded and to use his HP for damage instead" is just bizzare considering how prot paladin healing works. If Sunwalker had been using sacred shield during that stone gaurds kill (like he really should be doing), then at least 90% of his healing would've been passive (not counting light's hammer); probably more, since sacred shield would've boosted his healing done much more than the few eternal flame ticks he got in did.

    On many fights the prot paladin's mechanics won't come out to shine, but where their healing does shine it really does shine quite brightly. You can't compare yourself to them and try to compete, because they're not playing on the same field as a healer is, any more than their dps is balanced the same way that a pure dps' dps is. I don't think I've seen a parse yet where the tank *wasn't* the highest damage done on wind lord by a huge margin, just because of how the tanking mechanics work these days.

    TL;DR; can't compare yourself to prot paladins in healing done on some fights.
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    Just quickly glancing over your logs, I'm noticing a couple of issues.

    Are you unleashing life before you drop healing rain? (Many fights you gain Unleashed life buff less than 5 times.)
    Are you using your cooldowns effectively? Many fights lasting 8 mins + you're using Ascendancy/SL only once. These are very strong tools that you definitely need to use.
    Are you healing reactively or preemptively? If you're waiting until you see damage on your raid frames and then starting to heal, you'll just be overhealing, as good healers would have preempted the incoming damage and already have heals mid cast when it hits. Especially with how our mastery works.

    Also, with the amount of offense you're putting out in some fights, your HPS is bound to suffer. Make sure you have some /stopcasting macros on those LBs/LvBs incase you need to emergency heal.

    Just my 2c.
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