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    Manowar 2009 Turkey
    Manowar 2009 Turkey
    Manowar 2009 Turkey !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calzaeth View Post
    Ascending Order:

    3. Iron Maiden, Koengen Festning (Bergen), 2009. My first BIG concert, and the band delivered a stellar performance.
    That was actually in 2010. I was there also, great show.

    My top 3:
    1. Iron Maiden, July 24th 2008 in Oslo. Awesome setlist, awesome show.
    2. Dream Theater, January 26th 2012 in Oslo. Wow... just wow.
    3. Iron Maiden, July 2nd 2003 in Oslo. My first big concert, was 12 years old.
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    con tu hermana.
    Guns N Roses, Dust N Bones tour, Argentina, July 1993.
    The Rolling Stones, Voodoo Lounge Tour, Argentina, February 1995
    Megadeth, Gigantour, Argentina, October 2005 (the concert that was featured in the That One Night dvd)

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    1. Prodigy
    2. Metallica
    3. Beogradski Sindikat

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    1) Skindred - Lent, Maribor 2012
    2) Sabaton - Metalcamp12
    3) Lamb of God - Metalcamp09
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliandal View Post
    Queen - 82 - Detroit
    Queen - 84 - Sun City
    Kylie Minogue - 91 - London (She puts on one fantastic live show!)
    You saw Queen live? omg I am so jealous. I was only 1 years old whren you saw them at Sun City. I wish I could have saw them live, especially in their early years

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    Bob Dylan/Santana/Lindisfarne (83-84)
    Slade (82-83)
    Mike Oldfield Platinum Tour (80)

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    1. Manowar 2008 on Magic Circle Festival, 2 shows. Was perfection and took me back to their 80's albums like nothing else.
    2. Ozzy Osbourne, Tampere 2009, the dude was full of energy, just jumping around like madman while delivering perfect hit-list show.
    3. Doro, 2008, such excellent show from such hot metal chick. Big plus for playing mostly Warlock stuff aswell.
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    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Miley Cyrus
    3. Katy Perry

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    1. Lollapalooza 97: TOOL, The Prodigy, Beck, Orbital, Eels, Snoop, (Korn cancelled)
    2. The Smashing Pumkpins: Infinite Sadness tour
    3. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

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    Jimmy Buffet

    Hell the tailgating before the concert is half the fun.

    I just dont see anyone else worth seeing. Then I hear the list of people my dad saw while he was in college:

    ZZ top
    Skynyrd before plane crash
    Fleetwood Mac
    Rod Stuart
    The Stones
    The Who
    Doobie Brothers
    Pink Floyd
    Dire Straights
    Allman Brothers
    Neil Young
    The Eagles
    Peter Frampton

    Seriously how the hell do you top that list. Thats pretty much the greatest rock and roll artists that ever lived. Growing up in the 60s and 70s thers no possible way to beat that era for good music. Now I just listen to Techno cause a computer synthesizer can make better music than most bands I hear on the radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tjamen View Post
    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Miley Cyrus
    3. Katy Perry
    I hope you were cougar hunting.
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    This was part of the concert last night, was so awesome.

    Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.


    Headbanged so hard throughout the entire gig and now my neck hurts like hell, and my shoulders. :P
    You may remember me from such threads as!

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    Saw Machine Head and Dethklok yesterday, it WAS AMAZING. Gonna try to catch a NOFX or Rise Agianst next time they come round.
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