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    60 focus is a lot of focus. I also have the old rabid still (CN) so I can sync it with my LR/BW when needed. AMoC is very clunky with it's focus usage.
    To be honest it's not hard to delay your arcane shot usage.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTrueM4gg0t View Post
    probably not much gain of snycing rabid. it only increases attack speed (tooltipp not updated yet!), no benefit for LR these days.
    and delaying LR by 30sec every time is a theoretical dps loss. (you use it 25% less often, to gain a 20% increase in dmg under BW)
    If you delay using it for the next BW, you use it every 2min. in this situation you could just go with aMoC which defenetly does more dmg if both are used the same amount of times...
    I think he's saying hes in China and the rabid change to 70% attack speed isn't in effect there.

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    He was not using his KC as much he should've due to having it under a modifier macro. Now it is a separate skill and he can track that. I also I advised him to get tellmewhen to track his spells.

    I believe in giving people time to improve and learn (there are exception to this ofc). As the same chance was given to me in start of T11. And as he seemed to understand what I said and seemed willing to learn, then I can believe that he will do better.
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