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    TGN apparently "scamming" there customers.

    So I was just watching athene live stream and apparently, and this is pure speculation, that TGN is scamming people who they sponsor.

    Of course athene is involved and blowing everything out of proportion like he usually does, just like he did with braindeadly.

    Anybody else heard about this?

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    TGN? Is that the network that doesn't even have the right to monetize gameplay videos yet they do it anyway? I wouldn't be surprised, that company is a shambles.

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    No info backing up your statement... this must be true =!

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    Infracted. Please post constructively.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phred754 View Post
    Nice constructive comment.

    As I havn't watched the stream, is it possible to tell what happened (link etc?)

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    From what I can gather people who are sponsored by TGN are getting paid less than $1 per thousand views and said people went crying to athene.

    Athene called one of there "customer service reps" and was completely flaming him and not giving the guy a chance to talk, also adding another person to the call (who sounded like braindeadly) to give the customer service guy even more shit.

    Then athene went on to say how his "union for gamers" is better.

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    I wouldn't be surprised, that company is a shambles.

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    Athene hasn't been in the news lately i guess smearing a game streaming company is the way to do it.
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    Seems whenever I look it is bracers every time.

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