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    Grimoire Choice

    Lately i have been seeing more and more demolocks using supremacy over service.. Has something changed or isnt it still service that gives best dps?

    And a little off topic question..
    What is peoples opener when u are in demo and pulling a boss. I put up corruption and pop my meta and put up doom and cancel the aura and then do sbolt/sfire but since i dont got that much fure i cant realy do anything else but i have been thinking. Is it worth to pop ds and orc racial to get buffed dots from the beginning even tho u only got that 200 fury to work with?

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    High end trinket combos make your damage more consistent over the course of a fight by using supremacy over service. This is usually achieved by using DMF Trinket + at least normal Sha of Fear trinket. Elegon trinket doesn't proc enough (due to demos low amount of dot ticks) to be worthwhile. I still use DMF + Flashfrozen Resin Globule and GoService because the combo is just that good.

    As far as openers go I typically go HoG, Imps, DS, Trinket, Service, 2nd Hog, Doomguard (unless I'm saving him for later), Corruption, Meta, Doom, ToC a few times till I'm out of fury, then into normal casting.

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    hm. since i got DMF , Elegon and SHA trinket all normal and vp upgraded it must be worth to use supremacy then over the fight? Since we do progress in hcs now aswell?

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    Like I said the trinkets will give you more consistent damage over the course of the fight. If there are points in the fight where you need bursts of dps the DMF + Globule will be the way to go.

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    @ harsesis. imps get a major boost from ds, so i'd pop that before doing the imps if i were you

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    I'm also running with supremacy, Yu'lon and cosmos
    Before that i had resin globule but my 4 set bonus, the 1.20sec cd on darksoul makes the trinket quite useless.
    Grimoire service is also 2 min cd, with the current 4set it aint too good, maybe it'll make a return with the tier set.

    As for the opener, i put up doom and then i whatever i can to get fury up to full as fast as possible before popping cd's.

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