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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichifails View Post
    Just for the sake of it, OP's char
    Yikes. That character is completely unoptimized. I highly suggest the OP take a look at something such as Mr Robot and work on fixing their gemming/enchants/reforges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rezoacken View Post
    If you were lowest dps and they took someone else that does more... then its understandable. If on the other hand you were doing as much as the others then they're just stupid.
    Speaking from a 10 man point of view, you usually only have one of each class. You cannot compare a warlock to a elemental shaman, for instance. The point remains, if you're doing less than you could be, you're still being carried. Not doing your best because your average is still better than the rest is just a poor attempt at a very bad excuse. And the OP isn't doing his best in any way, judging by his armory.

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    From the log that was helpfully provided...

    Spent 10% of the fight standing around probably telling other people they were shit and 73% uptime on his only dot. I'd have kicked him too.

    Although, if he can't monitor Immolate, then he can't play affliction either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyve View Post
    Casual doesn't mean you're bad at raiding, or even slack at raiding. It just means you don't commit a large amount of your time into it. That actually means what little time you are raiding, needs to be pretty good.

    Remember this;

    Hardcore - Plays a lot of hours in the game.
    Casual - Plays a few hours of the game.

    Nowhere does it mention being slack, bad or lazy is acceptable.
    This ^ so much

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    Let's not dredge up old and tired discussions. OP was answered long ago.

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