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    Electronics knowledge needed

    Hello there! I want to connect two fans to one controller port. The thing is that each port on the controller I'm using can provide a maximum of 6W, and each fan is rated at 4.2W...

    So, I wanted to know if connecting two fans would shorten the controllers life by trying to pull 8.4W, or if the controller will be fine and the result would only be that both fans would run slower by receiving half the power each one...

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    Which controller and which fans? Models of both would be great if you want us to be able to help you a little better. Many fan controllers i've used over the years provided wattage and amperage per channel (1 channel = 1 port to connect a fan) rather than as a whole across the entire controller. If there's insufficient wattage, the fans simply won't work, or they'll spin but at a reduced speed.

    If you request too much amperage though, the controller will potentially burn out. Best case scenario if you do that though, is that the fans will spin for a while, and then slowly it'll look like they're failing. Amperage is the killer, but thankfully it's not something you have to worry about unless you're dealing with the core components or watercooling pumps (18A watercooling pump on a 12A max fan controller = Big no no for example).

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    for the most part, it depends on if the controller is the limiting factor

    if the controller limits the power output to 6W, than the fans will spin at reduced speed

    however, if the controller is not the limiting factor, ie it's simply rated for 6W but can deliver more until failure, then the fans will pull more and may damage the fan controller

    also, wattage is voltage x amperage

    so, since the voltage is 12V, we know that the Amps per channel is .5

    12V x .5A = 6W

    so you could hook up two fans safely, as long as the combined amps for both fans is .5 or less
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    Thank you both for your answers.

    The controller: Aerocool V12XT
    Max wattage per fan channel: 6W
    The fans: CM SickleFlow
    Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
    Current (Ampere): 0.35A ± 10%
    Power consumption: 4.2W ± 10%
    I've been running two fans on a single channel for a couple of days now, they spin slower than their max rpm, so I assume the controller is limiting the power as it won't allow me to input the maximum speed (i.e. 2000rpm) (and just let me set that port/channel to 1700rpm).

    It's working right now, and have been working well all this time, but I wouldn't like to burn it by my negligence... if the fans speed is limited it's ok as long as it wouldn't damage the controller itself.

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