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    What the heck is fistweaving and how do you do it?

    I hear that's the way to go for monk healing atm and you can do like 2x the heals as other healers with it.
    We're not really having any problems with healers not doing enough atm but if I can do more I'd like to.
    If anyone can correct my playstyle if I'm doing it wrong I'm all ears, cuz I'm not beating our other healers which apparently I should be as a monk.

    Usually I cast renewing mist on random people who dont have it, and use uplift if theres raid damage with soothing mist on random people, or that HoT if the tanks taking a lot of damage... don't remember what it's called but it's the one that uses 3 chi. I never go into melee range cuz I find it's too much to pay attention to trying to do all that and still cast soothing mist on people and junk. Am I doin it wrong?

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    What is your partner in healing?

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    First of it really comes down to what suits you.

    Either play style works fine but combining to two is probably the way to go.

    For me the play style change alot depending on what fight i am on. Going in melee is for the most part a boost to my hps. Garalon, Tsulong and Empress is good examples of where it really works.. First of you get the passive healing from your autoattacks if you keep up (what ever it's called the 2x blackout kick buff). Second you can generate alot of chi quickly making you able to use Uplift alot more aswell.. And if you (which you should be) are good at keeping up renewing mists you will see a bump in you HPS.

    I play with a holy paladin and i believe he beats me on 1 fight with me "dominating" the rest.

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