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    advice: moving from EU to US server

    Hello.. so i have been playing wow since vanilla and since then im on and off playing it.. i play on eu sylvanas and i have 3 90s and the rest are 85..

    i have been thinking of moving/ playing on the north american server for quite awhile now..

    in actual fact i have a US account and have level 85 lock... i have ask people in trade chat if its worth movin or will there be a problem with regards zone time and stuff. they said there is.... and they basically say i should just stick playing on EU..

    the thought of starting all over again and no gold is really frustrating... i might go mental ...

    what you think guys? pls tell me

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    I played vanilla on a US server. The guild I was in was the best I ever had in any game but raid times 7pm-12pm translated into 1am-6am my time which kinda wears on you when you raid 5 times a week. So if you have a life I would advice against it.

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    why do you want to move to a na server? because your going to work/study/do what ever you need to do there? then it might be worth it to get a account and stuff.
    latency could be a problem indeed. also might be worth it to chat with the op of http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...t-EU-Migration

    he can tell you all about timezone diffrents and lag playing from a other region.

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